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Sheboygan WI: June 3, 1937: (Eagles) ... (Battle Royal) featuring Duke Ruppenthal, Dick Gerber (of South Bend IN), Rowdy Pocan, George Hackenschmidt, Louis Kodrick & Pete Vukovich

San Francisco CA: June 3, 1937: Mitisugi Hamanaka (of Fresno CA) beat Mike Works (2-1, dq)

Chicago IL: June 4, 1937: (Normal Park Arena) ... Art Shires vs William Brown

Oakland CA: June 4, 1937: (Auditorium) ... George Zaharas vs Danno O'Shocker (as Red Phantom) ... Billy Hansen vs Ivan Managoff ... Wee Willie Kennedy vs Jack Woods (of Australia) ... Tiny Roebuck vs Pete Managoff ... (Judo Jacket Match) Kimon Kudo vs Jerry Meeker

Los Angeles CA: June 9, 1937: (Olympic) ... (World Title) Dean Detton* vs Vincent Lopez w/Ed (Strangler) Lewis ... Referee: Don McDonald ... Man Mountain Dean vs Gus Sonnenberg... Hans Steinke vs Jules Strongbow ... Leo Numa vs Dr. Len Hall ... NOTE: Suspended at this week's meeting of the state athletic commission in Sacramento was Arjan Singh, wrestler, 60 days, for nonappearance; reinstated was Frank Leavitt (Man Mountain Dean), effective June 6

Los Angeles CA: June 23, 1937: Ed (Strangler) Lewis is aboard the almost-filled-to-capacity Matson-Oceanic liner Mariposa, bound today for Honolulu ... This is supposed to be the first leg of an around-the-world tour for Lewis, who then will fly on to Asia and Europe.

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