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Oakland CA: June 2, 1939: (Auditorium) ... Red Mask vs Kola Kwariani ... Pantaleon Manlapig vs Al Billings ... Jack Gacek vs Henry Graber ... Bobby Roberts vs Jack Manuel... George Wilson vs Stan Mayslack

Los Angeles CA: June 3, 1939: Vic Holbrook is scheduled to be among the city prep track athletes at the Coliseum engaging in the preliminaries for the city meet, scheduled the following week, also in the Coliseum ... The first 10 finishers in the shot put, for Classes A, B and C, are listed in the Los Angeles Times for June 4, but do not include the name of Holbrook.

Hammond IN: June 5, 1939: (Civic Center) ... Chief Tommy Marvin beat Alf Johnson (2-1) ... Mike Mazurki beat Henry Piers (2-1)

Hammond IN: June 12, 1939: (Civic Center, att. 2,800) ... (World Title) Lou Thesz* beat Mike Mazurki (2-0) ... Bob Haak beat Harry Kent (2-1) ... (plus boxing) ... NOTE: ... Thesz takes straight falls in 30:00 and 2:05

Beaumont TX: June 19, 1939: (Monday) (Armory) ... (Blindfold Battle Royal) featuring Ben Morgan (as Tiny Morgan), Ray Eckert, Lou Plummer, Gordon McKenzie, Juan Humberto (as Jack Humberto) and Jimmy El Pulpo ... Referee: Jack League ... Promoter: Dave Schlesinger

Hammond IN: June 26, 1939: (Civic Center) ... Orville Brown beat Frank Sexton ... NOTE: Both main eventer sailed over the ropes a dozen times or more

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