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Cleveland WI: March 5, 1921: Henry Stoeff vs Matt Klujeski ... NOTE: Card postponed by poor weather and resulting meagre attendance

Cleveland WI: March 15, 1921: (Hitzler's Hall) ... Henry Stoeff vs Matt Klujeski

Appleton WI: March 17, 1921: George (Strangler) Hill beat Alex Orlando (of Akron OH) (2-0) ... NOTE: Hill, billed as the champion heavyweight wrestler of Wisconsin, took falls in 25 and 15 minutes, respectively.

Oshkosh WI: March 17, 1921: (Armory) ... Henry Stoeff beat Charley Peterson (of Chicago IL) (1-1, cnc)... NOTE: Stoeff hurled Peterson over his head with a double flying mare with such force that "two of the cervical vertebraes in Peterson's neck were rotated, causing him temporarily to lose the use of his arms and hands ... Peterson was delirious for over an hour. Dr. F.N. Olum stated, however, that the injury would not be permanent, in fact, that Peterson was well enough after treatment to leave the armory to take the train to Chicago." ... Carl Van Wurden, slated to meet Jack Carney of Brooks Corners at Winneconne soon, challenged the winner.

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