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Beatrice NE: March 2, 1922: Charley Pesek drew Ralph Ferris ... (plus boxing)

Galena IL: March 10 or 11, 1922: Henry Stoeff vs Young Speroni

Fitchburg MA: March 14, 1922: Waino Ketonen beat Joe Kassas (of Detroit MI) (2-0) ... Harry Mammas beat Wilfred Gamache (18:09)

Fort Wayne IN: March 14, 1922: (World Title) Ed (Strangler) Lewis* beat Jatindra Gobar (2-0) ... NOTE: Lewis required 23 minutes and one minute, respectively, to apply the winning headlocks

Sheboygan WI: March 22, 1922: (Eagles Hall) ... Henry Stoeff vs Ketoskey or Harry White

Dubuque IA: March 23, 1922: Heine Engel beat Henry Stoeff (2-0)

Oshkosh WI: March 29, 1922: (Armory) ... Henry Stoeff vs Carl Van Wurden

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