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Chillicothe MO: March 1, 1933: (Wednesday) Benny Steele (of Marshall MO) vs Jack Fields (of Little Rock AR) ... NOTE: Promoter Gust Karras informs that Homer Caddell, the former Breckenridge boy, wants a match with Billy Wolfe ... As the latter is no longer in these parts, Karras is trying to put Caddell in with Frenchy LaRue.


(Associated Press, Tuesday, March 7, 1933)

OMAHA, Neb. -- Jack Dempsey has obtained for himself a little first-hand knowledge of this sport called wrestling and its refined points.

Dempsey climbed into a ring here Monday night to referee the bout between Ray Richards, former Nebraska football star, and Jack Vincent of Oklahoma City. All went well during the first fall -- won by Vincent -- but the pot began to boil when Richards won the second fall through application of that punishing hold known as the right uppercut.

Jack warned Ray that this was wrestling and not boxing and ordered the men to refrain from such tactics in the third fall. For nine minutes his warning was heeded. Then Richards forgot all about Dempsey's admonitions and let loose another uppercut. His aim was good and Vincent promptly lost interest in the proceedings.

Dempsey, acting as all good referees should, immediately disqualified Richard. His action, however, was heartily disapproved of by Richards and the huge wrestler lunged at Dempsey. With both fists flying, Ray moved in while Jack slipped into a defensive shift and endeavored to pin Richards' arms to his sides.

After absorbing a thump or two on the chest and arms, Dempsey pushed Richards into a corner, spoke soothingly in his ears and started across the ring. Richards, apparently mollified, stood still for a few seconds, then plunged across the ring in a wild charge. He struck Dempsey amidships.

Others in the ring restored order.

Kansas City KS: March 9, 1933: (Memorial Hall) ... Billy Wolfe drew Frenchy LaRue (nc) ... Hans Schultz vs ??? McCarl ... NOTE: McCarl was said to have been an erstwhile rodeo performer from Pendleton OR

Chillicothe MO: March 14, 1933: (City Hall) ... Billy Wolfe beat Hans Schultz ... Otis Jackson beat Jack Washburn

Chillicothe MO: March 21, 1933: (City Hall) ... Billy Wolfe vs Jack Vincent ... Otis Jackson vs Benny Steele ... NOTE: Otis Jackson was the Cameron Cyclone ... Promoter Gust Karras boasted of getting the Wolfe-Vincent match away from Kansas City promoter John Hatfield

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