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Tacoma WA: March 5, 1934: (GC) ... Howard Cantonwine beat Marv Westenberg (2-1, cor) ... John Freberg drew Jack Forsgren ... Ray Lyness beat Jack Gorman... Matchmaker: Lou Porter

Bremerton WA: March 6, 1934: (Arena) ... Dude Chick drew Red Lyons ... Glenn Croy beat Mike Caddock ... Dutch Merlin drew Sailor Jack

New York NY: March 14, 1934: (AP) A few hours after he had been defeated in a wrestling match, Jack Hurley, professional athlete, was killed today in a fall from his room on the fourth floor of the Hotel Lenox, in West 44th Street.

Tacoma WA: March 12, 1934: (GC) ... Bobby Miller beat Ray Lyness (2-1) ... Marv Westenberg beat Tommy Thompson ... Les Grimes drew Jack Kogut

Tacoma WA: March 19, 1934: (GC) ... Ted Cox beat Howard Cantonwine (2-1, cor) ... Tommy Thompson beat Harry Demetral ... Les Grimes beat Glen Stone

Kansas City MO: March 20, 1934: Henry Graber beat Babe Carnera ... Jack Vincent beat Earl Wampler ... Bob Castle drew Otto Mitulka ... Alf Johnson beat Bruce Noland ... Jim Coffield drew Frenchy LaRue

Tacoma WA: March 26, 1934: (GC) ... Tommy Thompson beat John Freberg (2-1) ... Harry Demetral drew Les Grimes ... Pat Reilly (sub for Chief Little Wolf) beat Glen Stone

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