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Los Angeles CA: March 3, 1937: (Olympic) ... (World Title) Dean Detton* beat Vincent Lopez ... Ben Morgan beat Jules Strongbow ... Al Bisignano beat Dick Lever (dq) ... Howard Cantonwine drew Hardy Kruskamp ... Chief Chewacki beat Tiny Roebuck ... Ted Cox beat Rudy Strongberg ... Promoter: Jack Daro


(By Braven Dyer, Los Angeles Times, Sunday, March 7, 1937)

... Franklin Delano Roche, the personable fashion plate who runs a constant temperature publicizing the wrestlers, wants me to know that Ed (Strangler) Lewis comes back to the Olymic Wednesday night. It takes a powerful lot of publicity to lure me to a ringside seat for these grappling jousts, but I must admit that Mr. Roche has delivered a blow to one of my few vulnerable spots. Ed Lewis will go down in wrestling history as one of the most colorful grapplers of all time. He must be around 50 years of age and I know he is hog fat, but when Ed puts that headlock on an opponent the goose pimples began to sprout on my epidermis. Lewis has wrestled all over the world and he seldom gives an uninteresting performance. On the same card is Hans Steinke, the rawboned German, who is so strong he frightens himself. Nobody has ever seen Hans cut loose. If he ever does it will mark a high spot in legalized mayhem. Steinke draws Big Ben Morgan and Lewis is slated to square off with King Chewaki. For rough and tumble action these acts are hard to beat.

Hollywood CA: March 8, 1937: (Legion) ... Sockeye Jack McDonald vs Alvin Britt ... Pasquale Castillo vs Mysterious Mr. X ... Don Sugai Matsuda vs Mickey McGuire ... Texas Centipede vs Dale Haddock ... Rocky Brooks vs Aladon Schizzler


(By Bob Ray, Los Angeles Times, March 10, 1937)

... Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the old war horse of the rassling ranks, comes back to the Olympic tonight, meeting that celebrated arch-fiend of the grapplers, King (I Hate All White Men) Chewaki.

Although he's been rassling for years and years, Lewis still has one of the most powerful physiques in the business. Let him train a few weeks and he can still beat practically all of the young fellows. In fact, when the mat barons were wondering if Dean Detton would make a good champion, the gent they had test him was the old Strangler. Lewis and Detton went up to a gym and tugged at each other for two hours. Lewis, and he was in top condition, couldn't pin the youngster's shoulders. Detton was okehed as a prospective champ, and the title was forthcoming the first time he faced Dave Levin.

I can recall in the old days the wave of indignation that swept over the country's sports pages when Lewis was first "popularizing" his famous headlock. Each of the Strangler's opponents would be carried from the ring and taken to a hospital to recover. That was before mayhem was demanded by the cash customers, and bigger and better torturers have since thought up "holds" to outmode Lewis' headlock.

Los Angeles CA: March 10, 1937: (Olympic) ... Hans Steinke vs Ben Morgan ... Ed (Strangler) Lewis vs Chief Chewacki (as King Chewaki) ... Al Bisignano vs Len Hall ... Dick Lever vs Paul Boesch ... Howard Cantonwine vs Hardy Kruskamp ... Leo Numa vs Bull Anderson ... Ted Cox vs Abe Yourist


(By E.V. Durling, Los Angeles Times, March 12, 1937)

PASSING BY ... Ed (Strangler) Lewis. Returning to wrestling wars for the glory of his Glendale restaurant. Don't remember when Ed started wrestling but it seems to me he goes back to the days of Hackenschmidt and Gotch ...

Los Angeles CA: March 24, 1937: (Olympic) ... (World Title) Dean Detton* beat Hans Steinke

Los Angeles CA: March 28, 1937: Ed (Strangler) Lewis works out for more than two hours with Vincent Lopez Sunday afternoon.

Los Angeles CA: March 31, 1937: (Olympic) ... Vincent Lopez w/Ed (Strangler) Lewis vs Ben Morgan ... Referee: Hans Steinke ... Len Hall vs Al Bisignano ... NOTE: Millard Rauh is manager for Dr. Len Hall, newly crowned California state champion

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