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Eugene OR: March 1, 1939: (Armory) ... George Wagner vs Danny McShain ... Bulldog Jackson vs Prince Ilaki ... Dude Chick vs Jimmy Goodrich

San Francisco CA: March 7, 1939: (Dreamland) ... (Coast Title*) Dean Detton beat Lou Plummer ... Pat McClary (as Hard Boiled Haggerty) beat Otto Kuss ... Billy Hansen beat George Godfrey ... Ivan Managoff beat Pat O'Shocker ... Jimmy El Pulpo drew Fred Meyers ... Stan Mayslack beat Art Shires

San Francisco CA: March 21, 1939: (Dreamland) … Dean Detton beat George Zaharias … Hard Boiled Haggerty beat George Godfrey … Lou Plummer beat Pierre Dusette … Jack Gacek drew Fred Meyers … Jack McDonald beat Stan Mayslack … Jack Manuel beat Bronco Valdez

Rochester NY: March 22, 1939: Ed Don George beat Pat Fraley (2-1)

Fresno CA: March 22, 1939: (Ryan's Auditorium) ... Pete Peterson beat Willie Davis

Fresno CA: March 29, 1939: (Ryan's Auditorium) ... (tournament finale) Tommy Nilan beat Gino Vagnone... Referee: Frank Manfredo ... Gino Vagnone beat Bob Wagner (15:00, dec)

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