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Oskaloosa IA: May 3, 1924: Andres Castano beat Elmer Johnson (2-1)

Sheboygan WI: May 6, 1924: (Tuesday) (Eagles Hall) ... Henry Stoeff beat Andres Castano

Oshkosh WI: May 8, 1924: Henry Stoeff beat Guy Hanson

Cleveland WI: May 10, 1924: Henry Stoeff booked ... Promoter: William Hitzler

Houston TX: May 16, 1924: ($3,580) ... Paul Jones drew George Actor (2:00:00) ... Promoter: Julius Sigel

Port Arthur TX: May 19, 1924: (Elks Theater Arena) ... Paul Jones beat Jack Washburn (2-0) ...

Sheboygan WI: May 20, 1924: (Eagles Hall) ... Henry Stoeff vs Jimmy Demetral ... Nick Pontos (of Sheboygan) vs Elmer Grupe (of Cleveland OH) ... Promoter: Henry Timmer

Kingsport TN: May 29, 1924: (Thursday) (Strand Theatre, att. 500) ... Tony Bernardi (of Bristol TN) beat Young Zbyszko (of Kansas City MO) (1-1, cnc) ... NOTE: Zbyszko, at 193, took the first fall in 47 minutes, but was injured when Bernardi, at 197, won the second and could not continue.

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