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APPLETON LOSES CLAIM TO WOMAN MAT STAR (Appleton WI Post Crescent, Friday, May 2, 1930): Appleton will lose its claim to Virginia Mercereau, former contender for the women's wrestling championship of the world, in another few days when Miss Mercereau, better known to Appleton people as Marie Diderrich, moves to Newark NJ to make her home.

But as far as Miss Mercereau is concerned, the wrestling game has already lost its claim to her and so has the vaudeville stage. A few years ago a woman wrestler was quite a novelty and there was considerable competition for the national crown then held by Cora Livingston.

Miss Mercereau, working in a Milwaukee department store, became interested in the sport and with considerable practice and instruction she developed into a wrestler of no mean ability and sought Miss Livingston's crown.

With the resultant interest the new phase of women's sports was creating, Miss Mercereau toured the country meeting men wrestlers in exhibition bouts. During that time she visited Appleton and participated in several fights at the armory.

The "racket" failed to gain much favor, however, because of the taboo put on mixed bouts. Even the vaudeville bookers failed to "see" the card and then Miss Mercereau took to the stage via a musical route, playing an accordion. But that has failed to appeal to her and it's all off from now on. She played several well known circuits for a few years and now has decided to abandon the effort.

Miss Mercereau was accordion soloist at the Elks Club bowling banquet Tuesday evening and was one of the features of the program.

Holyoke MA: May 2, 1930: (Valley Arena, att. 2,000) ... Henri Deglane beat Joe DeVito (2-1) ... Sailor Arnold beat Achmed Sulayman ... Jack Sherry beat Joe Cook ... Norman Ritchie beat Eddie Rocky

Boston MA: May 15, 1930: (Arena) ... Gus Sonnenberg beat Joe DeVito ... Jack Ganson beat Axel Anderson

Holyoke MA: May 16, 1930: (Valley Arena, att. 2,500) ... Jack Ganson beat Sailor Arnold (2-0) ... George Zarynoff beat Douglas Marshal ... Stanley Pinto beat Frank Delamano... Len (Cowboy) Hughes vs Norman Ritchie

Holyoke MA: May 23, 1930: (Valley Arena, att. 1,200) ... Gus Sonnenberg beat Jack Ganson (2-0) ... Young Tremblay beat Joe Dion ... Stanley Pinto drew Douglas Marshal ... Referee: Leon Burbank ... Paul Adams beat Young Ross

Holyoke MA: May 28, 1930: (Valley Arena, att. 2,000) ... Bibber McCoy beat Leo Hyatt (sub for Stanley Stasiak) (2-0) ... Stanley Pinto beat Jack Ganson (dq) ... Dr. Ed Sullivan (of Springfield MA) beat Paddy Mack ... Joe Dion drew Rod Daviau (of Holyoke MA)

Boston MA: May 29, 1930: Gus Sonnenberg beat Marin Plestina

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