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Clearfield PA: November 3, 1922: (Globe Theatre) ... Bill Gardner vs Young Strangler Lewis ... Nick Bodinis vs Ed Gustafson

Chicago IL: November 9, 1922: Johnny Meyers beat Heine Engel (2:00:00, dec) ... NOTE: Match, for Meyers' world middleweight title, consisted of 12 ten-minute rounds ... When no falls were taken, the referee gave Meyers the nod.

Sheboygan WI: November 21, 1922: (Eagles Hall) ... Henry Stoeff vs George (Young) Lewis (of Duluth MN) ... NOTE: Stoeff trains at his private gymnasium, located at 814 Michigan Avenue ... Sheboygan promoters are toying with the idea of adopting the Chicago, or White, Rules, which involve wrestling by rounds ... Best two out of three-fall matches are said to be the Police Gazette Rules

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