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Portland OR: November 2, 1927: (Heilig Theatre) ... Ira Dern beat Mike Romano ... NOTE: Ted Thye of Portland OR said bound for Japan in early November ... Al Karasick, Billy Edwards and Mike Yokel are supposed to be in Australia

Portland OR: November 16, 1927: (Heilig Theatre) ... Ira Dern beat Casey O'Dale (2-1) ... Chet Wiles drew Warner

San Francisco CA: November 17, 1927: (Golden Gate Rink) ... Joe Stecher beat Renato Gardini (2-1)

Grants Pass OR: November 17, 1927: Wild Bill Thornton drew Sailor Jack Wood (of Gallup NM) (2:00:00, 1-1)

Cathlamet WA: November 19, 1927: (Saturday) George Barnes beat Oscar Butler

Portland OR: November 23, 1927: (Heilig Theatre) ... Warner beat Chet Wiles

Oshkosh WI: November 25, 1927: (Armory) ... Henry Stoeff beat Soldier Harry Nixon ... Joe McVeigh (of Appleton WI) vs Walter Procknow (of Oshkosh) ... NOTE: Stoeff once again returns to Oshkosh after headquartering here early in the decade ... Since leaving here, Stoeff says he has wrestled in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Ohio ... Says he met Joe Stecher in Texas; now weighs approximately 176

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