Professional Wrestling November 1930

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Holyoke MA: November 7, 1930: (Valley Arena, att. 2,600) ... Gene Ledoux beat Abe Kaplan (2-1) ... Rosario Impellitiere (of Peekskill NY) beat Jim Maloney ... Douglas Marshal drew Louis Loew ... Paul Adams drew Al Ventries ... NOTE: This was said to be an eighth straight win for the former boxer, 6-7 1/2, 185-pound Rosy Impellitiere

Holyoke MA: November 21, 1930: (Valley Arena, att. 3,200) ... Gus Sonnenberg beat Gene Ledoux (1-0, cnc)... Referee: Sam Smith ... Jack Ganson beat Ivan Skorsky ... Louis Loew beat Tony Rocco ... Joe Dion beat Rod Daviau ... NOTE: Ledoux was said to be suffering from contusions of the larynx after somersaulting out of the ring ... The crowd was an Arena record

Boston MA: November 27, 1930: Gus Sonnenberg vs Jack Sherry ... NOTE: Children's Christmas Basket Fund benefit show.

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