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(Toronto ON Daily Star, November 10, 1932)

BARRIE, Ontario -- Trial of Joseph (Toots) Mondt, New York wrestling promoter, charged with manslaughter and criminal negligence, entered its final day here today. Mondt is charged following the death of Theresa Luccioni, 21-year-old Toronto girl, after a motor accident near Collingwood, August 21.

When Mondt took the stand on his own behalf yesterday, he gave his evidence in a clear, steady voice. He told of the accident in which his car collided with one driven by J.E. Burnie of Toronto. He was driving along toward Collingwood at a speed of from 35 to 40 miles per hour, Mondt said. The lights of Burnie's car had suddenly flashed towards him and when 15 feet away the concoming machine altered its course and crashed into the left fender of his car.

Regarding the evidence of Constable Lorne Davidson, Collingwood, who previously had testified Mondt had suggested he help himself to money in Mondt's trousers, the wrestler said: "He seemed a nice chap, very friendly and we were chatting.

"He said something that made me believe he would like cigarettes, or sandwiches, or something," Mondt said. "I just said there was some change in the cabinet drawer and he could help himself. He thanked me, but didn't take any. There was over $7 in it, I think."


(Toronto ON Daily Star, November 11, 1932)

BARRIE, Ont. -- Efforts are under way today to appeal the sentence of one year in the Ontario reformatory meted out to Joseph (Toots) Mondt, New York wrestling promoter, who was found guilty of criminal negligence in the supreme court assizes here last night. A second charge of manslaughter was dismissed.

Mondt was charged on the two counts in connection with the death of Theresa Luccionio, 21, of Toronto, who died as a result of a motor crash involving the car in which she was riding and Mondt's car. The accident happened between Collingwood and Washago Beach on Aug. 21 last.

Following pronouncement of sentence by Mr. Justice Patrick Kerwin, D.L. McCarthy, K.C., of Toronto, counsel for the former Kansas City farmer, wrestler and later promoter, said he would enter an appeal.

"If there is a judge available at Osgoode Hall tomorrow (Armistice Day) we will immediately enter an appeal," defence counsel declared.

At 8:10 p.m., four hours after the case had been delivered into their hands, the jury returned with their verdict.

Mondt may be compelled to bide his time in Simcoe county jail for several days pending his appeal and application for bail. The former Kansas farmer spent a good night in jail last night. Both he and his counsel, D.L. McCarthy, K.C., were confident of acquittal and were greatly disappointed at the verdict, especially since Justice Kerwin's charge to the jury was definitely for acquittal.

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