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Rochester NY: November 9, 1934: Charles (Midget) Fischer beat Joe Banaski (2-1) ... Johnny Atkins beat Sammy Gold ... Eddie Malone beat Dick Griffin

Cicero IL: November 12, 1934: (Stadium) ... Mike London vs Buck O'Neil

Chicago IL: November 13, 1934: (White City) ... Eddie Malone vs Clarence Smith ... Hy Sharman vs Buck O'Neil ... Ed Van Herrick vs Silent Rattan ... Fred Kimball vs Frank Malcewicz ... Jack Ross vs Nick George ... Promoter: Mique Malloy

Cicero IL: November 19, 1934: (Stadium) ... Ralph Garibaldi vs Hy Sharman ... Kay Hoffman vs Buck O'Neil... Bobby Novak vs Dick Gerber ... NOTE: Cicero Stadium is at 19th Street and 52nd Avenue.

Lincoln NE: November 27, 1934: (4H Club Bldg.) ... Al Sparks (sub for Pat McGill) beat Ernest (Dutch) Hefner (as Ernie Heffner)

Waco TX: November 27, 1934: Billy Edwards beat Ed Helwig (1-1, cnc) ... Brucde Noland drew Harry Cadell (of Omaha NE) (Homer Caddell?)

Chicago IL: November 28, 1934: (Marigold) ... Frankie Hart vs Stanley Buresch ... George Dusette vs Ernie Dugan ... Fred Kimball vs Roy Miller ... Silent Rattan vs Jim Wilkinson... Buck O'Neil vs Kay Hoffman

Council Bluffs NE: November 30, 1934: John Pesek vs Steve Savage ... NOTE: Show postponed due to bad weather.

Helena MT: November 30, 1934: Connie (Killer) Koch (sub for Leo Burke) vs ??? ... Ray Higgins vs Tiger Pat McKee

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