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Hood River OR: October 8, 1927: Red Nutting (of The Dalles OR) beat Art LaChapelle (2-0)

Kansas City MO: October 11, 1927: (Boxing Match) Tiny Roebuck beat Frankie Day (KO1) ... NOTE: This was Roebuck's third kayo in three fights as a professional

Mansfield OH News: October 12, 1927: "Such women wrestlers as Hazel Kinnard, May Kelly and Bobbie Miller have gone down before Miss (Virginia) Mercereau. All these she met in an elimination series before Cora Livingston, former world's champion woman wrestler, would consent to a match. Miss Mercereau finally met Miss Livingston and, on Thanksgiving Day, 1923, won the title from her ... Miss Mercereau weighs 155 pounds. She is five feet six and a half inches tall and except for unusual muscular development through the shoulders is said to have much the appearance of a well-built woman." ... Mercereau, as a Milwaukee WI school girl, was attracted to basketball and became a member of the Milwaukee Five, known for its fast floor game ... Wrestling was part of the training of those basketball players ... It appealed to Mercereau and she decided to go for it.

Philadelphia PA: October 12, 1927: George Calza beat John Pesek (37:18) ... NOTE: Pesek, 185, gave 43 pounds to the winner

Ryderwood WA: October 12, 1927: George Barnes vs Chet Wiles ... Promoter: Ed Baker

Vancouver WA: October 13, 1927: (Liberty Theater) ... Vic Potter (of Seattle WA) beat Roy Carver (of Ilwaco WA) ... Jack Kratz vs Cyclone Thomas ... NOTE: Potter said to have beaten Carver Octovber 6 for the Washington state welterweight title

Mansfield OH News: October 18, 1927: "Both have wrestled and thrown men of their weight. Miss (Virginia) Mercereau is perhaps the most adept at this. In this particular end of her exhibitions, she has won from Joe Parelli, middleweight champion of the world. Once at Manitowoc WI, Miss Mercereau succeeded in staying with Parelli the allotted time of 15 minutes. Following Parelli's failure to pin Miss Mercereau's shoulders to the mat, the two continued and Parelli was forced to wrestle 37 minutes before getting a fall. The firwst fall was secured on an over-body hold, superinducted by a flying mare, according to the Manitowoc newspaper. The paper continues: 'Before Parelli secured his hold, Miss Mercereau had thrown him to the mat three times in rapid succession, using a series of headlocks. Enthusiasm at this point reach its height, the crowd -- usually partisan with many of Parelli's countrymen shouting for him and the balance shouting for Miss Mercereau shrieking its approval. The plaudits of the crowd went to Miss Mercereau at the end of the match' ... Miss (Teddy) Meyers also has grappled with a number of men and has been successful in defying them to throw her. She forced Miss Mercereau to the limit of two out of three falls when they met at Evansville for the world's title a year ago and says she is in much better condition and more experienced for Friday's go here ... The seating capacity has been arranged for 3,500 with standing room for an additional 1,500."

Phoenix AZ: October 18, 1927: Dick Daviscourt beat Milo Steinborn (2-1)

Portland OR: October 19, 1927: (Heilig Theatre) ... Mike Romano beat Casey O'Dale (of Salt Lake City UT)... Referee: Chet Wiles ... Chet Wiles vs Walter Johnson ... Promoter: Virgil Hamlin ... NOTE: Romano, 195, and O'Dale, 200, headline the season opener ... Romano is 30 years old, a 12-year professional, with some 400 bouts under his belt ... lost to Joe Stecher in 1:12:00 at Norfolk VA in 1919 and drew Earl Caddock, same year, in both New York City and Boston

Mansfield OH: October 20, 1927: Teddy Meyers weighs 154 pounds, stands 5-feet-4, with 37-28-44 measurements ... Virginia Mercereau is 156, stands 5-6- 1/2, with measuresments of 38-29-41

WOMEN WRESTLERS MEET FOR WORLD'S TITLE (Mansfield OH News, Friday, October 21, 1927): It is now only a matter of hours until the contestants of one of the biggest athletic events ever attempted in Mansfield come to grips in the center of a square of hempen ropes and under the pitiless glare of ovwerhead lights at the Coliseum.

Miss Virginia Mercereau, world's champion woman grappler, defends her title against Miss Teddy Meyers, challenger, tonight. It will be a battle between brawn and brain and also between blonde and brunette. Prospects of a packed house is in the offing. The curtain raiser goes on at 8 o'clock and the main event about an hour later.

The big show is ready to go on. Both principals are in the city, the champion arriving yesterday from Chicago and the challenger setting foot on real estate after a long hope from Rome GA. Both women rested yesterday and today and both expressed confidence -- Miss Mercereau that she would retain her toga and Miss Meyers that she would be successful in wresting the title from the champion.

The match will be the second between the two mat artists. In their first meeting Miss Mercereau threw Miss Meyers in 24 minutes with a headlock. Miss Meyers insisted on a three-fall match this time and feels sure she can wear down Miss Mercereau's stamina in the long run.

A request for rest periods of ten minutes between each fall has been granted by the Mansfield boxing commission which will handle the boutl. The North Lake Park association, under whose auspices the match is being held, have completed arrangements for the preliminaries and feature ends of the show.

Four exhibition matches will head the card, two of boxing and two of wrestling. Local cauliflower ears will put on the glove matches. Johnny Horvath, Al Dundee, Ray Newton and Paul Delaney will be participants in these four-round affairs and the wrestlers who will perform are also well known to local sports followers.

Earl Zerbe and his Rainbow orchestra will be on orchestra platform, playing snappy numbers between matches and rest periods of the main go. All the committees working have ceased their toil with the knowledge of labor well done.

Miss Mercereau spent yesterday resting in her suite at the Mansfield Leland Hotel and taking in the sights of the city. A machine was put at her disposal by the Swisher and Schaffer company. Miss Meyers likewise was given the freedom of the city and special guides to tour her to points of interest.

Mansfield OH: October 21, 1927: (Coliseum, att. 1,000) ... (Ladies) Virginia Mercereau beat Teddy Meyers (2-1) ... Referee: Joe Deak ... NOTE: Mercereau used a head lock to win the first fall in 23 minutes and applied a body scissors to take the deciding fall in 18 minutes ... In between, Meyers forced the "champion" to quit in 14 minutes with a toe hold ... "Gentlemen don't prefer blondes all the time. Miss Meyers had the crowd solidly behind her in her effort to wrest the title from Miss Mercereau ... The match was strictly on the 'up-and-up' as the boys in the back room would say. Here we had two crafty, skilful grapplers, the best in the world of the fair sex ... The crowd was in a frenzy as each woman clapped gruelling holds that had strength galore in them. The crowd applauded as each wiggled and bounced out of agonizing headlocks and turned the tables by applying some grip that put the other on the defensive. It was a real championship battle with toe and scissors holds, armlocks and headlocks falling where they might." -- Mansfield News

Vancouver WA: October 22, 1927: (Liberty Theater) ... Jack Reynolds (of Los Angeles CA) vs Vic Potter (of Seattle WA)

Portland OR: October 26, 1927: (Heilig Theatre) ... Casey O'Dale beat Rudy? Warner ... Merritt Eddy beat Nick LaFebvre ... NOTE: Warner said to be a Farmer Burns' protege with a decision win over Earl Caddock (?) ... O'Dale is 22, four year veteran, from Cedar Rapids IA who was trained by Clete Kauffman

Ilwaco WA: October 29, 1927: George Barnes beat Oscar Butler (cnc)

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