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Havre MT: October 15, 1929: (Tuesday) Professor Takahashi vs Art Hodgson ... Promoter: Eddie White ... NOTE: News-Promoter of October 9, 1929 notes: "The professor has had a colorful career. He was a student champion in jiu jitsu and wrestling in Japan. He came from Japan in 1915 and was an army instructor during the World War. Following the war the professor was employed to instruct the Vancouver police department in the arts of jiu jitsu and wrestling. Besides his ability as a wrestler he has a good record as a boxer, aspiring for the welterweight championship of the world. He has fought 379 matches and lost but one fight on this side of the Pacific. Never in his career has he been defeated in jiu jitsu. He has met and defeated such men as Jack Milo, Frank Hall, Pete Derken, Bull Montana, Strangler Smith, Jatrindel Gober, Joe Wilson, Tommy Gans, Erick Skinner, Constantine Romanoff, Steve Savage, Joe Nelson, Dr. Roller, Pete Buzukos, Belgian Tiger, Sam Langford, and many other notables of the squared circle. Jatrindel Gober whom he met and defeated four years ago at Vancouver is the ex-heavyweight champion wrestler of the British Empire and weighed 246 pounds when he fought Takahashi. Gober is a Hindu and a graduate of Cambridge University.

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