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Chicago IL: October 10, 1934: (Marigold) ... Frankie Hart beat Mike London (32:02) ... Cowboy Hughes drew Fred Bruno ... Buck O'Neil beat Dale Haddock (dq) ... Charley Peterson beat Dick Gamon (20:00, dec)


(Chillicothe MO Constitution Tribune, Thursday, Oct. 19, 1934)

Whitney Grove asks promoter (Gust) Karras to have police protection tonight at the City Hall when he meets Don McIntyre in a finishing bout. Groves said he does not fear any living wrestler or referee, but he does fear the crowd. He suggests that they wrestle without a referee. On the other hand, Bones, who was slated to referee, stated that he was not going to take any more punches from any wrestler without returning them.

The semifinals, Tom Milton, light heavyweight champion of Kansas, will meet the popular Otis Jackson of Cameron. This will be based on Misouri rules.

The third bout, "Wild Man" Jack Kanchoe, who has caused as many riots as Grove, will meet Tex Rollins, the man who defeated Billy Wolfe last year and the man Wolfe refused to wrestle tonight.

The doors open at 7:30, first bout starts at 8:30.

Chicago IL: October 19, 1934: (Loyola U Gym) ... Jim McMillen vs Abe Coleman ... Promoter: Doc Krone ... NOTE: Loyola Gym located at Sheridan Road and Loyola Avenue

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