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(By Lee Dunbar, Oakland Tribune, September 14, 1937)

Whether whiskers constitute an asset or liability has been a moot question since Delilah raised heck with Samson, the world's first official strong man, by singeing his crop of hay. Admittedly, whiskers have never been ranked as a social asset. The guy wth the stubble on his chin never got a tumble from Emily Post.

But, my hearties, there's the business or financial end of the chin spinach argument, and when you approach that phase you begin to find supporters for the fellows who wear the rats' nests above their collars.

... probably the best wrestler among the bewhiskered brigade is a Mormon from Utah who bills himself as Brother Jonathan. What Jonathan's real name is I don't know. He carries a pet rattle snake around with him which has scared countless hotel maids half out of their wits but which, to date, has proved harmless. Men who really know what it's all about in the mat game tell me Jonathan is the best wrestler by far of all the hay contingent.

Jonathan's biggest act in the Bay district was when he lost to (Man Mountain) Dean some months ago in San Francisco and had to shave off his whiskers in the ring. Thousands of transbay suckers battled to get seats for this performance, which saw a real wrestler lose to a big goof who can't wrestle a nickel's worth. But the crowd had a great time so why should I complain? After this contest Jonathan retired to his Utah ranch and grew another beard.

Oakland Tribune: September 14, 1937: Bill Lewis, at one time a pretty fair heavyweight grappler, now is manager for lady wrestlers Clara Mortensen, Rita Martinez, Mary Davis and Lucille Nichols ... The troupe is now reportedly in Texas, eventually bound for eastern rings

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