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Beaumont TX: September 11, 1939: (Armory) ... Dick Raines beat Sol Slagel ... Jules Strongbow beat Chief Chewacki (as Chief Chewchki)


(By Mayo Wells, Port Arthur TX News, Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1939)

Chief Chewchki, the rowdy Indian grappler who went on one of his clowning rampagtes Monday night on promoter C.C. Martin's program at Beaumont, won't get ahead if he repeats Monday's performance too many times.

Chewchki grabbed a spectator's hat and devoured part of it ... Wrecked two chairs, one with his feet and another by beating himself over the head ... and overturned a case of Cokes ... For which promoter Martin collected $1.35 apiece for the chairs, 10 cents each for the cold drinks -- and if the spectator hadn't been of a generous nature, Chewchki would have bought himself a hat.

Beaumont TX: September 18, 1939: Dick Raines vs Pancho Valdez w/Count Rossi ... Sol Slagel vs Chief Chewacki (as Chief Chewchki) ... Jules Strongbow vs Roland Meeker ... Referee: Johnny Galiano ... NOTE: Galiano was the "state inspectator of boxing and wrestling" ... not too many years later, he would begin a long run as promoter of wrestling in Beaumont.

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