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This is the Rolie Polie Olie/Toy Story by the scene in "Professor Ratigan does a brain transplant". For the end of the video of he says, "She's lying! Whatever she says it's not true!".


  • Professor Ratigan: Ready... Set... Now! (Fidget growled) Olivia! Right, Olivia!
  • Olivia: What?
  • Professor Ratigan: Did I get my package in the mail?
  • Olivia: I dunno.
  • Professor Ratigan: What are you, you don't know?
  • Olivia: I don't know.
  • Professor Ratigan: Oh, no! Olivia!
  • Olivia: What?!
  • Professor Ratigan: Look, dinosaur! (He gives her the dinosaur)
  • Olivia: Hey!
  • Professor Ratigan: She's sick!
  • Olivia: No, she's not!
  • Professor Ratigan: I'll have to perform one of mine operations!
  • Olivia: No! Don't touch her!
  • Olie: Not, Ratigan's room, not there!
  • Olivia: Ratigan! Give her back! (Ratigan laughing) Ratigan? Ratigan!
  • Professor Ratigan: Oh no, we have a sick patient here, nurse. Prepare the or stat!
  • Olivia: (in distance) Ratigan, give her back! Give her back now! I'm telling!
  • Professor Ratigan: Patient is, prepared. No one's ever attempt a double bypass brain transplant before. Now for the tricky part, pliers!
  • Billy: I don't believe that man's ever been to medical school.
  • Professor Ratigan: Doctor! You've done it! (he ran into the door) Olivia? (opens door to see the Tyrannosaurus Rex) Now, dinosaurs all better now.
  • Professor Ratigan: SHE'S LYING! WHATEVER SHE SAYS IT'S NOT TRUE! (Ratigan throws the dinosaur and finally slams the door)

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