Project BLADE is a top-secret research facility. No one really knows where its main headquarters are, but Nukid and Raptor know that it's somewhere in northern Montana. Its name means "Biotium-Lacing Assault and Defense Efficiency".

No one really knows what Project BLADE is. It could be a top-secret military program, or it could be a foreign terrorist association. No one knows because the founder seems to have come from America by unknown methods.

Project BLADE takes people, then laces their bones with a special metal called Biotium: a metal that specializes in bonding with hard, organic material (bones, nails, hair, etc.) They also combine the test subject's DNA with that of another animal for different results.

Dr. Horace Ravenoff

The founder of Project BLADE, Horace found out about the accident that spawned the hero known as Raptor. Ever since then, the doctor has tried many times to try and replicate the process. He has failed, however, to make one at Raptor's performance.

Ravenoff has no powers, but his intellect is beyond most biologists. He is a master of biomechanics, metal-forging, and zoology. This allows him to make the choices of what his subjects shall become.

He is voiced by Steve Blum, the voice of Chameleon in "The Spectacular Spider-Man".


Formerly a college football linebacker, Heavynail is one of the few subjects who actually knows Raptor personally. He raped any girl he liked, doing so with three and almost doing it a fourth. Fortunately, Raptor found out about it and had him arrested.

While in prison, Horace Ravenoff approached him and offered him a chance to become stronger than he already was. Wanting revenge on Raptor, the man that became Heavynail accepted.

In the testing, Horace fused a pair of heavy, metal gauntlets to the man's forearms. On the end of these gauntlets were three dagger-like claws. To add a little muscle to him, Ravenoff combined the man's DNA with that of several theropod dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus, etc.). The results were a crimson beast with heavy, metal arms that almost scrape the ground and claws the size of butcher knives.

Like all Project BLADE subjects, Heavynail has an accelerated healing factor and a biotium skeleton. He also has superhuman strength and stamina, being able to flip a big rig with his hands alone.

He is voiced by John DiMaggio, the voice of Hak Foo in "Jackie Chan Adventures"


Gatorjaw is not as well-known as Heavynail because his former life was erased. Most likely, he is a herpetologist who had recently gone missing.

Gatorjaw, unlike most other Project BLADE subjects, has biotium teeth. Only one other shares this feature, a creature by the name of Piranhadon.

Gatorjaw has the strongest jaw muscles of any Project BLADE subject with a bite force of over 3000 lbs psi. As well as powerful jaws, he has a powerful tail that can propel him through water as well as act as a weapon. He can swing his tail at over seventy miles an hour and powerful enough to shatter a brick wall like glass. Gatorjaw also bosts impressive defenses. Bony scutes on his back act like chainmail, making his back completely bulletproof.

He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore, the voice of Ripjaws in "Ben 10"


Scarab, like Gatorjaw, had his life erased when he became what he is. Though it seems likely he was an entymologist who was supposedly dead.

Scarab hardly has any human characteristics. He is bipedal, is capable of speech, and has opposable thumbs, but that's about it. The rest of him resembles some giant insect.

Scarab has four arms, each with three digits and sharp claws. He has no visible nose, just a vague curve on his armored head. His eyes are now big and bulging, and his teeth are razor-sharp and capable of snapping bone. His feet have two toes, ending in claws and, like his hands, are covered in several hairs that allow him to cling to sheer surfaces.

Scarab's entire back is covered in a biotium shell, which is also a makeshift shield to protect him from most attacks. This shell can part and allow Scarab to fly via a pair of wings that are hidden underneath.

Possibly the most disturbing ability that Scarab possesses is his ability to spit his stomach acids. These acids are extremely powerful, able to melt through several kinds of metals.

He is voiced by Scott McNeil, the voice of Annihilus in "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes".


Doppelganger is not like most other members of Project BLADE. Rather than a savage beast, Doppelganger is somewhat dimwitted, witty, and downright charming. His personality matches that of a British Assassin that had disappeared prior to his arrival.

Doppelganger resembles a lizard, strongly a chameleon. His bulbous eyes can swivel in their sockets so that he can look in two directions at once. One eye stays focused on his opponent while the other keeps a lookout for interferances.

Doppelganger, like Raptor, has metal claws on his fingers and toes. These claws, however, cannot retract, but they are still very sharp and very strong. To make up for this, Doppelganger has a long tail covered base-to-tip with flexible, metallic rings. Down the tail are biotium spines covered in a venom strong enough to knock a human unconscious.

Like most lizards, Doppelganger has the ability to cling to walls like a gecko. He also has a tongue that's more than double the length of his body. He can use it as a rescue line or a lasso, dragging people into his tooth-lined mouth.

He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor, the voice of Captain Jack Sparrow on "Kingdom Hearts II"


A more recent member of Project BLADE, Bloodfang is the ONLY female member of the organization. She escaped from the organization, but was feared by everyone because of what BLADE had done to her. In the end, she could only go back where she came from.

Project BLADE's experimentation has made Bloodfang virtually unrecognizable as a human...or even a woman. She has crimson, exoskeletal armor, plates in place of teeth, and claws and wings analogous to an insect's.

Like most Project BLADE experiments, Bloodfang has biotium talons on her fingers. She can fly via the insectoid wings protruding from her back, and she has a very sickly weapon: a spike-like projection coming from her tongue. This spike can be an impaling weapon, a funnel that lets her suck out her enemies' juices, and it can be vibrated to form a saw of sorts.

Bloodfang is incredibly unstable, mentally. When attacked, she will lash out violently; a result of the torture she endured on her escape. She hates Raptor because he looks like a monster, yet is praised as a hero.

Bloodfang is voiced by Grey DeLisle; the voice of Wasp on "Ultimate Avengers".


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