—Project Initiation

Project Title: Promotion Event Date:January 1, 2010
Start Date:                   Target Finish Date:                      

Vision Statement

1. Clarify the description of this project (what, where, and by when).
Promotion of all level one employee’s at First Rate by December 1st, 2010.
2.Identify below the desired results (outcomes, accomplishments, and deliverables) for this project, and list them in order of highest priority to lowest. (Review your stakeholders’ desired results to help clarify deliverables.)
Desired Results Priority
     Level one Promotion employees to level two      Ultra High
     No later than December 1st, Pay raise      High
     All Paper work finished by December 25th      Medium
3.Compare the project vision statement with the SMART criteria. (Check the boxes that apply.)
X Specific
X Measurable
X   Achievable
X   Relevant
X   Time-Dimensioned

Organizational Strategic Initiatives

How does this project support the strategic initiatives of your organization?      YES

Preliminary Approval to Proceed to the Plan Stage
Signature: Date:      
Signature: Date:      

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