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Project Talented is a game in which players play in a past surronding with magical abilities. Glitches appear inside the game's system, caused by a mysterious pair named Chapman and Mace, and it falls down to a young player named Ross, his girlfriend Laura, best friend Thomas, and 'other girlfriend' Racheal to led a daring rescue attempt to save the game and all the glitched players!

The game allows for players to control both Ross and Mace, however only one story is playable at a time. Ross' team (the Heroes) is a much more easier difficulty then the Dark team (Mace and Chapman). Reasons for this include the amount of party members being double in the Hero team, the usefulness of party members, the lack of good armour in Dark, the final boss and many other factors.

The game's sidequests are mainly based around a series of e-mail messages which Ross recieves during the game from his other party members. Upon completing an e-mail chain, the e-mailee will often send Ross an item, and Ross will often send an item back (which is magically created). These weapons vary in usefulness, with Laura's e-mail chain providing better weapons for Ross compared to Thomas and Racheal's e-mails (Thomas' e-mail chain provides Ross with more weaker weapons, and Racheal provides him with stronger ones, but Laura's was the final weapon). The same applies to the Dark team, with Mace and Chapman e-mailing each other (however, both recieve their second best and best weapons through this method).

There are also a large number of other sidequests, ranging in difficulty and seriousness. The majority of the Dark teams involve humour-based missions, such as Chapman creating thousands of blankets to sell off and make money. These sidequests often result in the obtaining of many items or something similiar (the above example ends with Chapman selling few of her blankets, and only earning 100 Points, the game's currency).

The game is a typical RPG, however it sees a lack of any extra, hidden characters.

Current Characters



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