• [done] Change sheets to flannel goddammit
  • Set up a website thingy
  • ***(buy stuff)***Make no-knead bread
  • Put on seat covers
  • [done] ***(buy stuff)***Taco night w/ boys and Caryn (Wed @ 5.5)
  • ***(buy stuff)***Martha's dinner at Martha's potluck dinner at Martha's
  • puzzlE
  • Get computer
  • Take apart computers
  • Build computers
  • Fix window squeak/hiss in Neon
  • Clean interior of car windows (both)
  • Write a Google Calendar reminder plugin (if not before project week)
  • Sew hole in sweater armpit area
  • [done] Unclog drain
  • Send USB optical computer mouse through dish washer
  • Go to Verve Pipe concert
  • Play with Mac (with Brett)
  • New, crazy recipe per night
  • Blinky circuit
  • Moving
  • Take new picture of Mark
  • Get MI drivers license
  • School stuff (exam administration: 7-9 Tues, Grading Weds lunchtime)
  • Take Rita out for dinner (with Brett)
  • Watch Spanish movies
  • Bowling league (Wed @ 7)
  • Rip Brett's Brandi CDs
  • Haircut

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