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Vade Retro is the second episode of the First Season of Project Nephilim. It is comprised of two parts and was transmitted on Feburary 22nd, 2009 and March 1st, 2009 respectively. The discovery of a mysterious tattoo on Melissa Weller's body, bring back painful memories from Chase's past.


Flashback Palo Alto, California

Several hours before the San Jose Event, Chase awakens to find that she is alone in bed. She looks up and sees Andrew Jordan getting dressed. The two flirt playfully and he quickly joins her back in bed. They discuss Chase's recent promotion to Detective Lieutenant and she jokes about taking advantage of the fact that she now outranks him. Andrew offers to pick up breakfast while she gets dressed and then they'll drive in to work together. As he's leaving, Chase reminds him that he has forgotten his wedding ring. He takes it and quickly leaves.

Part One

Picking up where the pilot left off, Chase begins her investigation into Melissa Weller's death. Standing over Melissa's body, she has memories of the girl when she was a child. Melissa's missing brother, Elias, is seen as well. Soon afterwards, Chase is greeted by Joe Kramer, the medical examiner assigned to the case and a longtime friend of Chase's. Joe remarks that during the investigation he discovered some odd scaring on Melissa's thigh. Chase suspects that it was caused when the body was moved, but Joe disagrees. He shines a black light on Melissa's thigh, revealing, much to Chase's surprise, a UV reactive tattoo.

Part Two



Production notes

  • Rhea Jordan does not appear in this episode except through archival footage.
  • The original actress cast to play "Beverly" was unavailable at the end of production so two different actresses portray the character. Alexandra McDougall, who provided the opening naration in the Pilot episode, can be seen briefly in the Parking Garage, while Jennifer McCartney-Williams appears in close up.
  • Audio Production Intern, Gabriel Quezada, appers during Robin's Lecture with a memorable, one word cameo, as a student.
  • This episode was the first episode in which the student crew was replaced by the main production crew.
  • The Blue/Green motif appears at various points in the episode.

Bloopers and continuity errors

Recurring themes

  • The same whispers heard in the opening naration of the Pilot can be heard at three points in the episode. Transitioning from Chase's flashback to the present, in the Parking Garage, and when Robin mentions the name Beverly.
  • Additionally, Robin hears similar whispering at various points in the episode. This is the same audio cue that occured in the Pilot when Mattie threatens his tenure.
  • The morgue is lit with Blue and Green lighting.
  • When James is seated at his desk, he is sitting in front of Green Plants and Blue Binders.
  • When Beverly appears behind Chase in the Parking Garage, there is a subtle blue coloring to the shot.
  • Robin wears a blue shirt.
  • The lighting in Robin's class is an extreme blue.
  • When Robin mentions James Prescott, green light from the desk lamp can be seen on his face.
  • Beverly's eyes flash a bright blue.


  • The episode title Vade Retro comes from the Latin phrase, vade retro, satana, or litterally "Stand Back, Satan," in relation to ritual of exorcism.

Cultural references

  • Spiderman. Chase states that "With Great Talent Comes Well Deserved Vacation Time," parodying the similarly constructed "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility".
  • Redsox Nation Chase offers James tickets to a Red Sox game. The show takes place in Boston, MA.
  • Spetember 11th, 2001 Robin compares the San Jose Event to "this Generation's 9/11" implying that it was every bit as terrible, and that it was an event that had become intriniscally woven into the collective consciousness.

Episode Continuity

  • Chase and Andrew appear to have had a romantic/sexual relationship, and may have been having an affair. (Pilot)
  • A teenage Chase can be seen with a young Melissa an Elias Weller. (Pilot)
  • Robin includes a book by Garisson Weyland as part of his lecture, and is working on a companion piece to it. (EOTC 1 & 2)
  • Weyland's book has some unfavorable things to say about Chase (Pilot)
  • Robin pretends to not be that familiar with Mattie Howard (Pilot)
  • Chase's distaste for the Dabareh Corporation is made evident. (EOTC1, Pilot)
  • Someone questions Chase's story/sanity. EOTC 1 & 2

Time Line

Robin's statement that the event in San Jose was "This Generation's 9/11" is noteable in that it's the only time in which a frame of reference is given as to what year the series takes place. The producers and writer have been mum on an exact timeframe, and have given indications that the series could possibly take place in an alternate time line. However, assuming that, within the storyline, September 11th still occured in 2001, then Robin's statement can indicate that, at the earliest San Jose was destroyed in 2011, and the main storyline occurs in 2014. This assumes a standard 10-15 year spread for a single Cultural Generation. It is not clear, however, how many generations may have passed is unclear. It's far more likely that Robin is speaking figuratively.

Unanswered questions

  • What was the Exact nature of Chase's relationship with Andrew?
  • What was the meaning behind Melissa's tattoo?
  • Who did Chase seen in the Parking Garage?
  • What Transpired between Chase and her "Friend"?

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