How To Start Your Project

What if the next USJer who will visit this page and notice your project here will be your life long partner in a successful venture?
This is your chance to start networking with people in this community.. Poeople you thought you'd never meet!
Check the listed areas of interest herebelow and see where your project fits. If you feel your project does not belong in any of the listed rubrics, remember this is a wiki, and you can always create a new rubric that fits your project better.

Open Projects

Edit this section to add your project under the right category.

Banking, Finance & Economics

Biotech/Nano Tech

Health & Environment

Human Sciences, Arts & Music

Literature, Languages & Communication

Rights, Sociology, Religions and Law

Technology (Computer/Software related)

  • Wik'USJ is a wiki project under development aimed at all USJ students, alumni and professors.


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