L'union fait la force

Are you an entrepreneur?
Do you have the entrepreneur spirit and want to put it to the test?
Do you have a recurring question or idea in mind?
Are you seeking help for a project you are working on?
Are you just seeking to contribute in somebody else's project?
Do you need the opinion of a professional from a different field or discipline?
Are you looking for partners to start or proceed with a project?
Are you an engineer with an idea for a startup?
Are you a doctor in need of a specific article or paper for a thesis or a research subject?
Are you a lawyer seeking to create a non-profit organization and in need of specific profiles to complete your project?
Are you a student working on a project that will contribute to life and/or to our society?
Are you a professor looking for professionals from the Alumni who would like to contribute to your project?
Do you just need a place where you can showcase your work and make it accessible to your peers?
Bottom line: are you a USJer with a project or idea and need to draw this community's attention to it to get more people involved?

If you said YES to any of the above questions, and you are a USJer, then this page is for you!!

Wik Remember This

Projects Space is simply a portal for all USJers to share their work (be it still on paper, in progress, or even completed) with their peers across disciplines, in order to communicate, share, get honest and professional feedback, or start lucrative partnerships. There is no limits to the benefits of having a page set up for your project here. The possibilities are endless..
Each USJer can list her/his project on the Projects List page and then create a page for this project where they can share their idea or knowledge or whatever that is with the community.

Wik It All Starts Here

Go to the Projects List and include your project on the listing.
Good luck!

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