The Prolouge to History RP was made by Mongol to encourage more of a battlefield RP. In the RP one real life weak is considered a year. The RP itself is limited to Europe,parts of the Middleeast and africa but none the less has a large amount of nations to play as. The RP quickly gained intrest and once four people in addtion to Mongol had signed up he(Mongol) requested that the RP put up. Looshkin,the new ROOT ADMIN,put the RP up and currently the RP has attracted twelve players. A majority of its over 50 nations are still open and the RP is still relatively young.

Game Play

The starting time for the RP was choosen at 1900 with tech staying at the same. Famous people will still be born in the same areas they where born historically. They will also presumabely do or attempt to do what they did in real life. The RP started with two civil wars under way,one is the Castile Civil War which is based on the real life Spainish Civil War. The other is the Russian Civil War which spilts Russia much more than it did historically. For example the Don-Cossack Union has taken over a large part of land,and thier are three russias,Republican,Commnists and Tsarist. In addtion to this Belo-Russia and Urkaine have gained independence and Finland have taken over some of North Russia. The civil wars where created by Mongol so that that players could start already with a neighboring civil war aid one side or to fight in to encourage the battlefield spirt of the RP. Surpriseingly the civil wars are not the most looked at conflicts. The Eastern Roman-Ottoman Conflict is currently the largest and most active thread in the game. In addtion thier is a Polish,Holy Roman Empire,and Prussian civil war occuring which has been started by the actions and reactions of players. Another conflict is a Cel-nor Republic and Royalist French war.

Conflict Overview

This is an overview of all the conflicts in the Proluge to History RP.

War over Constantinople/Istanbul

  • Note that the city is only called Istanbul by the Ottoman Empire


Ottoman Empire demands Istanbul ERE refuses Papal States sides with Ottmans ERE and Ottman navies fight over stairts Don-Cossack Union takes over ERE Triezbonze Ottomans overrun ERE holding in Asia Battle of The Stairts Occurs,Ottoman Navy barely wins battle,both sides take heavy casitlitys. ERE calls full draft Ottoman Empire calls up draft Greek Federation mobilzes troops Papal States learns that Greeks are mobilzeing to attack ERE Greek Federation invades ERE Morea and Athens ERE surrenders Greek land to Greek Federation Papal States send troops to Battle of Constantinople Urkaine enters conflict Ottoman Empire pushs back ERE troops Static warfare in Battle of Constantinople occurs Urkaine sends troops to Triezbonize which is "protected" by Don-Cossack Union Urkainian peasents protest againest government attacks againest Ottomans Papal Priests and Bishops send formal protest to Pope

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