The Prophet Zarkon was a religious figure in the universe of Fading Worlds and Civilization whose beliefs regarding equal rights for all sentient beings(natural-born humans, human clones, chimeras or animal-human hybrid clones, and A.I. robots and computers), faith in a living God or Supreme Being, and the belief that big private businesses needed to be strictly regulated due to their domination of the government of the First Commonwealth would later be the nucleus for the Universal Magisterium of God the Supreme Being.

The Prophet was born a naturally-born human under his original name of Kwame Haro Jones in South Africa in 2077 A.D.

During the late 21st Century, concerned over the political dominance of the Zabaitsu/Big Bosses and the racist movement proclaiming natural-born humans as superior to clones and A.I. machines, Kwame Haro Jones became an activist by 2098 A.D.

In the year 2100 A.D., Jones had a vision of God the Supreme Being, and developed supernatural powers including the power of anti-gravity (could lift beings and objects without standard gravity-control tech), heal living beings by laying on his hands (and without standard medical technology), and rearrange molecules to turn one substance into another (i.e. turn water in wine).

Within a decade, the newly renamed Prophet Zarkon gained millions of followers with his faith in the divine Supreme Being, equal rights for all, and social justice including more strict government control of the big corporations.

Zarkon's martyrdom in 2114 A.D. by rogue soldiers cemented the lasting legacy of his new religion.

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