Meaning: Early Wanderer
Creature type: Anthracosaur amphibian


Time Period: Carboniferous
Locality: North America
Related species: Greenerpeton

Proterogyrinus was a large amphibian that dwelled in the forests of the Carboniferous.

Amphibians were the masters of the Carboniferous, with Proterogyrinus being one of the largest. It wasn't a fussy eater, and would have eaten the large insects of the time (Meganeura).

The anthracosaurs are advanced amphibians, often referred to as reptiliomorphs. These are the link between amphibians and reptiles, because they still lay soft eggs but can survive in harsh environments longer. Proterogyrinus wouldn't have adapted in the desert, but others (Seymouria) would have dwelled perfectly.

Large amphibians came into decline towards the end of the Triassic, but fossils of Koolasuchus extended their time range about 100 million years.

Proterogyrinus was once named Eogyrinus.

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