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Was passierte wann und wo? Gegen was wird warum protestiert? Was soll der Protest bewirken (Ziel!)?

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Some contact info  : Mohammed Valli Moosa - Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Francois Rogers - Ministerial Services, DEAT Phindile Makwakwa - Media Liaison, DEAT


Postanschrift, wenn bekannt
Faxnummer, wenn bekannt


falls gewünscht


(so noch nicht benutzen - einiges muß noch abgeklärt werden - Danke!)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to air my disgust at the proposed cull of elephants in the Kruger park of which I have been well informed will most certainly go ahead with the Sanparks turning themselves into a game farming operation.

With the canned hunting issue and South Africas recent support for the whaling to resume one can only imagine your country not only has no respect nor concern for it's dwindling wildlife but wishes to also deter the revenue tourists bring in to see the animals.

South Africa should protect and preserve its wonderful fauna not only for its own people but for the thousands who pay good money to come and see nature as it should be....wild and free.

The world is watching your decision with this proposed murder of innocent animals and until then we will boycott South Africa until the government,park boards and decision makers realise the true worth of its wildlife .....more valuable alive for the world to enjoy.

Yours sincerely

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