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  • Real Name: Alex Walker
  • Age: 16
  • Power: Can manipulate the atomic structure of objects

Early Life

Alex Walker was born to a middle-class family in the suburbs of Chicago, Ilinois. Alex was an exceptional student and was the top of his class. His smartness however, drew the bullies attetion. He was constatly being teased by the other students for his weak body. Things might of stayed that way if it weren't for a twist of fate.

The Lab

One day, Alex decided to visit a local science demonstration. Due to his love for science, Alex was the first one to arrive. The proffessors were showing-off a device that manipulated the power of atoms. Interested, Alex took a trip backstage to see the device up close. While he was there the device had a malfunction and exploded, with Alex right next to it. The explosion wasn't strong enough to kill him but it did leave him wounded. The atomic particles entered his body and mutated his DNA. The result gave him superpowers.

Birth of a Hero

Dazed and confused, Alex left the exhibition and wandered the Chicago streets. Eventually he discovered his body could conduct radioactive material and fire charges of atomic energy. He then discovered he could partialy affect the atomic structure of any object. Amazed by his new abilities, Alex thought of becoming a superhero: The amazing Protoman!

The Cost of Ignorance

With his new duel identity, Alex dazzled the windy city by reducing the crime rate and showing off his amazing powers. Things would have been fine for him if fate hadn't once again interfered....

The Black Baron

Confident and vain, Alex continued to show off his powers. Little did he know that his soon-to-be arch enemy would teach him the cost of ignorance.

One day Alex was walking to school when he noticed a couple getting mugged by a strange figure. Unfourtunatly, Alex ignored them. Later that evening, Alex returned home to find the police at his house. It turned out that the people who got mugged were his parents. Twisted in rage, Alex set out as Protoman to find his parents murderer. He found his suspect at a lab were the suspect worked. Alex wildly tore the lab apart using his powers to identify the molecular structure of his parents killer. Eventually he found the killer and procceded to kill him. It was then that his killer crashed into a container filled with acid and another one filled with nuclear waste. Leaving the killer for dead, Alex left the room seeing that his powers had to be used for the good of others so that nobody would experience what he had.

Alex then moved in with his Uncle Joe after his shocking expeirience. While he was there he saw a news report that stated that a mutated creature was rampaging through downtown Chicago. Fearing the worst, Alex changed into Protoman and flew on his proton board to confront the treat. As he arrived, the creature instantly recognized him and intoduced itself as the Black Baron. The Baron accused Protoman for turning him into a monster and wildly attack him. After an intense fight, Protoman was able to weaken the Baron with a proton blast. The Baron then escaped and swore to destroy Protoman whatever the cost.

Hero Life

During his early years as a hero, Protoman battled foes such as Thunderstorm (first foe after the Black Baron), Smoke-man, The Sun Master and The Fist Gang.

Later in his first year of crime-fighting, the Black Baron returned. This time, partnered with Thunderstorm. The two set up a scene that Alex couldn't resist: an air-plane filled with civilians about to crash into the Sears Tower. Protoman fell for the trick and attempted to save the plane. He succeded by surrounding his fists in a sheild of protons. He then shot a blast of electrons a the plane negetivly charging it. The two particles repeled each other and Protoman was able to get the plane on the ground safely. The people on the plane were no other than holograms projected by the Black Baron. The pilot, Thunderstorm, stunned Protoman long enough for the Black Baron to arrive and finish him off. This however, was not to be. Protoman was only faking unconciousness and attacked the Baron and Thunderstorm. Protoman would of been overpowered by the two if Thunderstorm haddn't dropped his guard. Protoman knocked him out and procceded to defeat the Black Baron. With more controll of his powers, Protoman was able to send the Black Baron to jail.

Before graduating from high school, Alex tangled with the Shooting Star, Spear Head, Humungo, and even teamed up with Spider-Man to battle the Sandman. During this time he discovered many other fantastic feats he could accomplish. All this hoever would never have prepared Alex for his greatest foe of all.....

The Terrible Two

Once again the Black Baron came into Alex's life but this time he had an accomplis: the White Baron, another result of genetic mutation. They began their attack on Chicago by bombing the Museum District. Alex was there in an instant. Surprised by the combined power of the barons, Alex was forced to retreat after a rough beating. Eventually the Barons caught up with him and again beat him. Once unconcious, the two decided to leave him alone while they went on to wreak the city. The threat was so large that the Avengers had to come and assist the city but even that wasn't enough to stop their terrible rampage.

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