There's much anticipation over the visit of a famous group of German musicians who produce the craziest music you'll ever hear, but will it live up to expectations?

Story Friturtoons Toilet

Rosie the Aryan Worshipping Lesbo Engine and Crazy Eights the Drunk Madman growled buffer-to-buffer back home. It had been a busy night at Ivan Illich Memorial Stadium for the big and overhyped football match. First, one of the players for Bradford City A.F.C., who Frituritown Soccer Club were playing against, kicked a ball into Beach Bear's crotch; then Rosie got her hook coupler stuck in Mitzi's tiny mouse clitoris and Crazy Eights' driver had to use the Gopher to pull Mitzi off Rosie's coupler.

"Remember, Crazy Eights," moaned Rosie gruffly, "'once bitten, twice shy'. If I ever even suggest a night out like that again, you come with me to a KKK rally."

"Oh, I'll remember," groaned Crazy Eights, "I just hope Ash Ketchum never finds out."

As the two engines screeched into the shed, they noticed something unusual. Everywhere they looked they saw street sweepers and people placing objects that looked like things out of Emergency Alert System screens scurrying all over the yard.

"Down my pint!" said Rosie. "Things are actually being cleaned! What's happening?"

"Shut it!" whispered Thomas. "Ash-hole is going to tell us now."

Ash Ketchum climbed on top of a soapbox, his gook face filled with happyness."

"Ladies, gentlemen, furries, bronies, mental asylum escapees, anti-consumerists, and engines, I am honoured to inform you that the most epic electronic band in history - Kraftwerk themselves - are coming here to visit us."

"KRAFTWERK!" squealed Emily. "However did you get them?"

Ash Ketchum grinned. "Gary just found out that Fritz Hilpert and he have the same barber and, well, let's just say he doesn't want him telling everyone how he gets his hair so near-nonexistent. Now, on with the preparations!"

The engines wondered who would pull the special train.

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