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Prudence Chä is the Chä of wisdom in the Virtue Zodiac.

To become a prudence Chäotic you must be in the Grey or Blue alignment and in the Intellect, Corrupt or Hero classification.


Here's a brief description of Prudence Chä powers.


  • Ever Vigilant: Allows the Chäotic to see far-away places and events happening there while in a meditative state. There are also rumors of Chäotics that have seen into the past as well.
  • Gift of Tongues: The Chäotic can speak every language known. Their thoughts also translate to this language, throwing off mind-readers. Even if the Chäotic has never heard the language before, they can speak it.
  • Truthful: The Chäotic is able to see through lies, trickery, and deceit. Chäotics in the corrupt class, however, are able to trick the Prudence Chäotic.


  • Limitless Memory: The Chäotic can instantly memorize any information that they wish, and will never forget it.
  • Limitless Knowledge: The Chäotic has knowledge of almost anything except things concealed by another Prudence Chäotic.
  • Concealment: Can conceal information from other Prudence Chäotic. It is impossible to gain knowledge of a concealed fact unless the Prudence Chä tells you himself.

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