Psi Energy is the energy that makes Psionics possible. It exists in everything, and flows through the universe. It is also known as Qi by the Chinese, Ki by the Japanese, and Prana by the Indians. It is different, however, from Spirit, however, which has more to do with the self. Because everything has Psi Energy, the practitioner of Psionics can draw energy from almost any source, though it is unwise to draw energy from people, as this is dangerous.

The following exercises can be used to channel or cultivate Psi Energy into a useable form, and they are the basis of all Psionics.

Psi Shaping

Begin by becoming relaxed. Meditation is not necessary if you can become calm some other way, but it can be helpful. Once you are calm and centered, choose your source from which to draw Psi Energy. There are a myriad of sources available, and if you are practicing a particular type of Psychokinesis, you may want to use the source relevant to the element you are trying to use. However, to begin, just choose a source that is not another human being. Focus your willpower on drawing energy from the source into you. Once you feel you have fully drawn this energy in, let it flow out through your fingertips into a space between your hands. Visualize it. Really try and see the energy as clearly as you can. Then focus on giving it a shape. A sphere is often easiest to start, though any shape will do. Keep at this for as long as you wish. Whenever you are practicing Psionics, always shape a certain amount of Psi to work with.


Many people call this "programming", but I believe "imbuing" is a better term, as it has a more natural connotation. This is a very important technique used in Psychokinesis. Channel Psi Energy into a desired shape. Once you have done this, decide what element or particular use you want to imbue this Psi Energy with. Think thoughts about that, and imagine your thoughts entering the Psi Energy, imbuing it with your intention. Do this until you feel that the Psi Energy has been fully imbued. You may then use it as you wish.

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