A psyche is the place where a Seachi's souls live within the Seachi's body. This term is never used outside the now-locked LTE.


A psyche is made up of three portions: the common room, the archive, and the prayer room.

Common Room

Depending on the Seachi, the common room's looks can very wildly, from a simple hallway or circular room to a wooded glen with burrows in the ground to as grand as an ecumenopolis.

Regardless of looks, all common rooms have entrances to the Soul Room of each form. The entrances to each soul room generally fit the look of the psyche.

Within the common room, there is a crystal ball, where the souls within the psyche can see what is going on through the body's eyes. In the case of more expansive common rooms, these crystal balls may be located in individual Soul Rooms or the archive instead.


The archive is located beneath the common room, and is usually connected to it with a ladder.

The archive contains not only books that the Seachi has read (albeit in somewhat fractured form as per what the Seachi can recollect), but also books containing biological, psyhological, and other miscellaneous information about each soul (histories are not amongst them; they are found in the individual soul's Soul Room). In the middle is an anatomical statue of the current body.

The Archive is usually protected by a spectre in the shape of something or someone the Seachi holds dear.

Prayer Room

The prayer room is located beneath the Archive, and is connected to it by stairs.

As the name implies, the prayer room is where the souls that are religious come to pray. Generally, there is a section for each faith represented in the Seachi's souls, as well as the holy texts appropriate to that faith (the Qur'An for Muslims, the Bible for Christians, etc.).

Compared to the common room and archive, the prayer room has the most enchantments layered on it - Pacifism, Aurification, and a permanent Holy Day - so as to keep souls from fighting within the prayer room.

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