• name = Mrs. Tiski Strawson (they use her madien name due to Introbulus doesn't have a last name)
Photo =

Isn't she EVIL?

  • Age = 63 (27 in appearance)
  • Died = Hinted to be around the 70's.
  • aliases = Psycho
  • Gender = Female
  • Sexuality = Hetrosexual
  • Family = Wife to Introbulus, Mother to Jordan and Eve, Step Sister to Evian, and owner to Kaos.
  • Fears = Your mother.

Psycho is a rambling machine which has no stop button to her. She doesn't accept "no" to anything. If she has to, you are probably DEAD. She married Introbulus in the summer of 2006, and had her first son, and her first daughter in fall. ... And that's it for now. DON'T EDIT IT.

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