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The Life and Times of David Lynch


David Keith Lynch was born on January 20, 1946, in Missoula, Montana.

David Lynch’s films are known for their elements of surrealism and magic realism, dreamlike and nightmarish sequences, stark and strange images, meticulously crafted audio, and for juxtaposing the seemingly simple and ideal with a complex and seedy underbelly.

Lynch has established himself as a contemporary auteur, a director whose visual and verbal styles are unique and easily recognizable. Read more....

The Works of David Lynch

Featured Work

Lost Highway is a 1997 film directed by David Lynch. It is a crime film, arguably an example of contemporary film noir, but with surreal imagery and themes. Lynch co-wrote the screenplay with Barry Gifford; the soundtrack is by Angelo Badalamenti. Perhaps dealing with the fallibility of human memory, the film is to many a confusing but unforgettable experience.

Structure (Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.)

The filmmakers have compared the structure of the film to a Möbius strip. A little more helpful is David Lynch's comment in the screenplay that the story is about a murderer with multiple personalities, told from the different points of view of these personalities.


Infamously, the film received "two thumbs down" from Siskel and Ebert - though Lynch used this to his advantage by claiming it was "two good reasons to go and see Lost Highway". Read more....

Feature Films

Short Films



Eyeduck Eyecurtains


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