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The purpose of this wiki is to discuss the psychological aspect of popular entertainment. Focuses of interest are the motivational psychologies of fictional characters and their relationships to the fictional worlds in which they live, and the role these characters play as instruments of our own psychological expression.

How to use the Wiki

The goal of this wiki is to provide a substantial level of understanding of various fictional characters in popular culture. It is hoped that from the intuitive similarities between these characters and real people, useful generalizations may be identified. These generalizations could be the base for an improved understanding of the structure of the psyche.

Because what is wanted is concrete knowledge of how a character is defined by their psychological attributes, cases for the mental states of these characters are needed. Because new characters are always being created, it is neither feasible nor desireable to specialize the discussion of specific fictional characters into an independent discipline. This is and always will remain a hobby of those who just can't get enough of the psychological aspects of life.

How to make your case

When making a case for a specific psychological trait of a character, don't just state your opinion: use hard logic and factual information to make your case. Factual sources include the character's own dialogue, and statements by the creator of the character as regards their nature. If the character you want to discuss hasn't been mentioned, make an article for them in the form "[character name] -[title]- (PoED) | [character name]", where "[title]" is the title of the work the character appears in. This will differentiate the article from others on Wikia Scratchpad that may bear the character's name. If there are no articles already in existence for this work, make an article for the work first using the form "[title] PoEd | [title]", then make the character article.

When you're ready to state your case, make an article on the character's page such as "The Case for A as an example of B", or "the influence of A on B", or even "why B has A", whereas "A" is the name of the psychological concept you are claiming the character is in possession of, and "B" is the name of the character.

Suggested resources from which to make your case:

Wikisocion: the Socionics Wiki

The Psychology Wiki



Discuss the psychology of the world's beloved (and hated) role-playing game characters.

Film and Television

Discuss live action and animated movie characters here.

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