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  • Go back to ondomready using defer
  • parentNode error in Firefox
  • Why is moving up/down so much more sluggish than left/right?
  • Never show #MatterState when it doesn't apply (switching from State to other properties and search backspace)
  • getBGcolor returning black in IE for flash_tabs when browser downsized
  • Focus temp input then hover Hg and leave hides #Temperature
  • Ugly when resizing below 800 width
  • Isotope data display needs units and 3 more datums
  • Series needs to synchronize with a new key
  • Sometimes when switching back, isotopes jump below where they should, perhaps depends on whether position set while visible
  • Do something consistent about hovering around LUMO orbitals while element locked
  • Allow people to reshow ads with a full Reset button in the Navigation


  • Send language with data.php request and have it return localized names for each set
  • Chemical Series names are lame and non-language specific
  • 1.0 Finish translations using Wikipedia and submitted forms
  • 1.0 Russian doesn't fit in the key
  • 2.0 Separate pt-BR and pt-PT


  • Possible to highlight the thumb in IE
  • Update of #Tempature never fires in FF if arrows held down
  • In all Properties, color sticks if hovered over during pgup/pgdn
  • Full ARIA compliance
  • Don't regenerate slider between layout changes by using % offsets instead of px, then ditch the Fast attribute
  • Use a drop-down in place of disabled input when > 6


  • Avoid ever interacting with actual functions, .onmouseover() instead of on_mouse_over
  • Add m_s and m_l for orbital tab
  • Hover effect for clickable isotopes
  • Use .Paren as a help/description status bar
  • Cleaner, more modern Wide transition
  • Consider generating Properties/Isotopes tables from specs.xml
  • Focus handler for checkboxes to make them more visible
  • Wiki links for spdf blocks. Make use of the space to the left of .Block
  • Only update z-index of isotopes between last and new onmouseover
  • Automatic lighter colors for print style sheet
  • Implement HTML 5 offline cache for Properties and Isotopes
  • Get rid of subset in spec and numbered arrays and make them associative with values instead
  • All elements are isotopes. Make isotopes spawn in front and behind the current element.
  • Allow selection of electronstring in Properties
  • 1.5 Include WebElements along with Wikipedia tab
  • 1.5 More series options like Mine and Metals/Nonmetals that also synchronize with Series tab
  • 2.0 Keep things from highlighting when being dragged, especially Safari
  • 2.0 Provide radio selection of preferred units for temperature input
  • 2.0 Black & White version with textures like /chemistry
  • 2.0 Bring back night scheme perhaps with a checkbox
  • 2.0 Resizeable iframe
  • 3.0 Show decay chain with line like key, tell percent taken by each path
  • 3.0 Switch from JSON to XML
  • 4.0 Retrive all data from table in iframe that can be sorted rather than Ajax


  • Have mod_rewrite regenerate all content so makestatic only deletes files
  • Automate data refresh from Mathematica through database


  • Convert all the .style in script to classnames
  • 1.0 Remove inline styles/remove inline scripts
  • 1.0 Switch from absolute to in-flow width on Properties tables

More Data

  • 1.1 Real color, molar volume, heat of atomization, polarizability
  • 1.1 Spin, NMR


  • Alternate keyboard up/down/restrictions for shifted helium location
  • Disambiguation page links
  • No re-hover on switch_viz to minimize visualization interruption
  • Finished throb returns to default not highlighted color
  • Hold mouse down on slider to skip toward at intervals
  • Ajax language switch


0.6 -> 10/10/07 - Digg version

  • change iframe wiki navigation from .href to .replace so back works better

0.7 -> 10/17/07

  • 7->6 mass number digits, larger font, less line height
  • converted isotope border styles to classes
  • search function does exact symbol match and works on any tab
  • unhighlight sets bgcolor to "" rather than default_color
  • staticized isotope and data with mod_rewrite
  • push enter in Isotope now spawns isotopes instead of opening wikibox
  • keyboard arrows no longer prevent page from scrolling at edge elements
  • KeyUp after held down in inputbox now returns to light colors
  • one temperature for all Kelvin datasets
  • matterstate boxes for C Hg Rf no longer too big in Names/Electrons view
  • display chinese symbosl for C Hg Rf
  • 2007 atomic masses
  • expanded all property names to non abbreviated versions
  • better unknown color
  • reset color after throb complete
  • more web2.0-looking search box
  • isotopes spawn slowly and hide until positioned correctly
  • waiting var unset so can now load more than 1st in session
  • got rid of 0.9 font size encapsualting entire table, isotopes now exactly right size
  • throbber throbs electron configs
  • update State At ---K always, but only when letting go of mouse
  • state at doesn't screw everything up when clicking around
  • properties tab saves its subset across tab switching
  • disabled isotope visualization

0.8 -> Unreleased

  • names/electrons in orbital tab no longer errors
  • 1px border above tabs now shows them beautifully in all 3 browsers
  • ditch en_gb and redirect lang=en* to / whenever accept-language is en
  • only numbers allowed in slider value type-in
  • left/right arrows don't cause problems in slider input box
  • leaving state at after keyscroll cleans up InvertState
  • typing in input box re-saves_colors so hovering works
  • discover returns to previous mouseover after sliding
  • boki's script supposedly fixed with slice
  • orbital tab shows previous tab's mouseover
  • hovering during State no longer locks those colors on future slides
  • replace tabs with spans when clicked, removed active class
  • two tabs in wide mode properly switches between a/span
  • fewer line breaks in Closeup with Japanese/Korean/Thai
  • move on_mouse_over to activeTab to better follow helium's jumping
  • switch_viz for orbital occurs after tab name is set, weird clobber bug not present anymore?
  • 1 selected isotope each for 116-118
  • throb starts from hover color
  • flash slider yellow when it changes functions
  • move electronstring into interactivity.js
  • universal "group x element" for all languages

0.85 -> 02/23/08

  • new sideways key grouped by metals/nonmetals
  • closeup view available in all 4 tabs and always on left side, hides when isotopes fanned out
  • when mouse leaves table area, closeup hides and keys return
  • click & hold, wiki only in Series which is renamed Wikipedia
  • utf-8 entities in JS, now works as application/xhtml in FF
  • no more 4 separate boxes for 4 tabs, all stuffed into one table
  • orbital image and lmn numbers moved inside Hund box
  • aufbau nested array to avoid new extras in Hund box cells
  • images moved to eehtpc
  • logo replaces subgroup note
  • ditched final table row if IE to thicken bottom borders
  • "Unknown" in State At gone, no longer widens table
  • highlight series in table when key hovered over
  • add links to Series which are destroyed in favor of wiki links onload
  • move group 12 to "other metals" in preparation of precise IUPAC conformance
  • throb properties tab while loading
  • wait until data loaded to switch_viz to radio-selected dataset

0.9 -> 3/12/08

  • remove Hydrogen class
  • automatic hunting resize makes table as big as possible without scrollbars
  • new layout added for 800x600 with no atomic masses
  • names and electrons layout shrunken to fit 1280 and 1440 respectively
  • now using ondomready
  • mousewheel scrolls slider
  • style sheets applied to print media again, forgot why they were disabled
  • property box jitter eliminated by fixing positions
  • holding down slider displays temperature box with K, C, F
  • server now sends proper content-language in header
  • highlight spdf blocks when hovered over like Series
  • remove metal/nonmetal divider in preparation for metalloids
  • update discovered slider year to 2008
  • amazon-like zoom-in effect to wiki window
  • wiki window easily draggable, iframe hides to avoid catching mouse events
  • animated transition to-from wide
  • radios for subsets instead of slider for <= 6 values

0.95 -> 3/28/08

  • resize_hunt 1 second after wide/unwide
  • flash tabs when selected by resize_hunt
  • hover dims entire periods and groups
  • onblur/onfocus for periods, groups, chemical series
  • real html wiki links for periods, groups
  • slider given tabindex, mousewheel only works there
  • added 3 types of hardness
  • property tab defaults to chemical series, added
  • separate lin/log/inv visualization for each subset
  • navigation moved to footerStickAlt

1.00 -> 5/1/08

  • move electronstring, melt, boil in JS to database
  • sort electronstring by plane counting
  • new calc_color almost 2x faster
  • no more # in color array caches
  • abandoned classnames for states of matter, too slow
  • DOM cache for K/C/F box and doesn't update until slider left alone
  • State At atomic mass text doesn't update until slider left alone
  • color_temp doesn't update until slider left alone
  • electron_ids created to avoid nextSibling hunt
  • new state_classes sets custom property .state and only touches color if changed

1.05 -> 5/13/08

  • equal brightness spectrum function added, unused
  • hover over MatterState inverts elements at that state

1.1 -> 5/28/08

  • subset switch now updates that value

1.2 -> Rolling

  • radio selections persist across wide/normal

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