Water an important substance vital for existence could be a source of human conflict and brutality. Unfortunately, we have not learned to coexist and live peacefully through means of sharing natural resources in the best interest of all. Countries with extensive resources should incorporate in programs in which they provide under developed or inadequate countries with less expensive quantities of needed material, such as water. Public awareness of the importance of water should be globalizing, and more time and effort should be dedicated to end our destructive practices against its resources. Countries should encourage environmentalists to take further steps in educating the common about the importance of what is vital to all, water. Talk shows should tackle the subject more and host professionals and expertise who could discuss and brain storm solutions. Water has greatly influenced successive civilizations, and today, its use stretches out to integrate in every aspect of our lives, food and cooking, bathing, cleaning and technology. Sustaining it and preserving its validity is a global concern as important as political or economical concerns and challenges we face as humanity. Water is not a raw material that could be substituted by humans through technological alternatives such as oil; in fact, our bodies will be in continuous need of water no matter how advanced we become. For such a fact lies a great responsibility on individuals and countries in sustaining water and sharing it. The UN should administer treaties and political agreements, respected by all, in controlling the consumption of water and evaluating adequate shares to different countries accordingly. Direct and indirect negotiations should be held by conflicting entities to help resolve their disputes without resolving to military means. More money should be invested in water technology and by such more projects should be financed by governments and environmentalists in purifying salt water and making it accessible to the public with reasonable prices. Tougher UN and governmental resolutions should be adapted to prevent dumping toxicants in our water resources such as rivers, lakes and even seas. On different occasions, large oil ships transporting oil through the oceans have sunk inflecting catastrophic damage on fish and marine animals. The world we are living in today is becoming highly influenced by greedy money generating institutions and individuals that have no remorse in damaging God’s gift to humanity for the sake of monetary and materialistic gains. New initiatives aught to be brought forth in addressing the issue of water misuse and public ignorance of it; moreover, Environmental organizations should conduct workshops, seminars and public speeches in regard of the issue. Countries should come together and work on mutual projects, very similar to space programs, in which different expertise get to meet and discuss options and apply lucrative solutions important to all. Schools should include in their curriculums water importance awareness taught to their students at early levels of schooling. Filed trips to lakes, rivers, creeks and coastal beaches if possible is in place to help kids realize and acknowledge the importance and significance of water in early years of adolescent, and such steps would help growing generations understand their responsibility of not exploiting their own water and hopefully pass it to their off springs before it is too late. Families are required as well to teach their kids at home the need to preserve and not corrupt water resources. This is not only the responsibility of governments and environmentalists; thus, fathers and mothers should become mentors of their own kids and play their role of leadership side by side with communities in helping to educate youngsters who will bear the duty of preserving our needs in the near future. More money should be dedicated by states and the private sector to researching new technologies sought after by scientists and engineers in national labs and Universities. Graduate and undergraduate water related technology research should be promoted in universities and colleges through out the globe, for such institutions have always been the cradle of new discoveries and new applications. Water has influenced everything in our lives even real estate. Apartments, lofts and houses closer to the shores tend to be more expensive than the inland, and this real estate fact is present in metropolitans such as Chicago, New York, Dubai and Los Angeles. Perhaps the reason behind such a fact is our subliminal understanding of the importance of water and access to it. Most famous resorts are built on islands where the blue clear sight of ocean relaxes visitors and adds excitement and joy to their getaway trips. The very same oceans responsible for thermal equilibrium needed to continue life on mother planet, and it is sad rather patronizing to see the misuse and abuse of water on daily basis almost everywhere on earth. Today awareness of water consumption and quality is more important than ever in our states, communities, and homes. Each has his role to play and responsibility to fulfill and until we all step up to the task, water exploitation will remain to be an existing chaos for years to come.

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