I. pubwan definition

A. What pubwan is

B. What pubwan is not

II. pubwan agenda

A. Intensify consumer education

B. Transparentize (clarify) informational channels

C. Deal with disinformation.

1. learn to inform the public

2. learn to disinform the (so-called) "matrix"&tm;

D. conduct research

1. microeconomics

2. principles of accounting

3. principles (if any) of humyn nutrition

4. cataloguing

a. of norm spec (aka norm set or subjective preferences). This is another way of saying beliefs/opinions.
b. of goods for sale to the consumer public, massively indexed across vendor sample space, subject of course to acceptable (i.e. licit) fair use criteria.
c. of discoveries(znanie)/inventions(umetnosti) secondary to pubwan activity, if any (of either)

E. seek out intelligent life

1. learn to filter out disinformation

2. learn to filter out noize

3. integrate 1 and 2 thereby learning to filter in "intelligence"

F. Preservation (or not) of the pubwan movement

1. self destruct protocol

2. self protection strategy

III. pubwan organizational model

A. schematic models

1. maxhi schema

2. swar schema

B. cybernetic models

C. data models

D. pubwan virtual object objects

E. organizational chart

1. cell structure

2. virtual spatial structure

IV. pubwan operational model

A. queueing algorithms

1. efficient shopping list objects

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