<notice> The pubwan privacy policy allows a pubwan participant to volunteer information to pub wan, which entails putting said information in the public domain. Since information in pubwan facilities is maximally accessible, it is not a suitable place for confidential information. Nevertheless, sometimes one data point or database record or table column will contain both information (coordinates, fields or cells) one wishes to keep private and information one wishes to share as widely as possible. These legitimate privacy concerns must be accommodated by the pubwan movement. To this end, a pubwan form (in the HTML-GCI sense as well as in the paper sense), by definition, is one in which no fields are mandatory. Also to this end, fields that a participant does choose to fill in can be marked as either private or public. These choices should be mutually exclusive (which is to say implemented as "radio buttons" in web or GUI forms) and honored to the letter by any pubwan facility. This means content in fields marked as public are to be stored with digital and analog rights virtually unmanaged, while fields marked as private are to be stored (if at all) for no purpose other than future access by their individuals contributors. </notice>

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