Pubwan Publish-or-Perish Principle


The pubwan publish-or-perish principle is part of the pubwan education system.

It means that, among pubwan participants, (in theory, anyway) any classes you might teach will be sparsely attended if you are widely known as a teacher who is also a researcher, specifically, one whose contributions to applied research are not (in at least some gesture of a way on the rare occasions one can afford it in these dark times) applied nonclassified nonproprietary.

Researchers are gnothing if not gnowledge workers. Pubwan does, after all, (in theory, at least) subscribe to a neutrality principle, so the question of whether a pubwan participant (or even a published pubwan teacher) has in some sense "sinned" is every bit as irrelevant from pubwan's POV (not literally, of course, pubwan, despite perhaps some apparent virtues, is as defined an institution not a person) whether indeed the word "sin" has any meaning let alone validity.

At any rate, the question is not whether you have sinned against pubwan, since there is no such thing as sin against pubwan. The question is whether your personal compromise between your personal conscience (if any, and whether or not you believe in "sin," etc.) and your personal habitat, which is to say your "givens" is one that is efficient or inefficient. The person to ask the question is you, as is the person to answer it.

And that is the Pubwan Publish-or-Perish-Principle

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