Version 1

  • Dada as Mr. Happy
  • Garu as Mr. Rude
  • Abyo as Mr. Strong
  • Tobe as Mr. Grumpy
  • Doga as Mr. Worry
  • Pucca as Mr. Bump
  • Chang as Mr. Uppity
  • Muji as Mr. Nosey
  • Master Soo as Mr. Rush
  • Ching as Little Miss Sunshine
  • Shaman as Mr. Bounce
  • Turtle as Mr. Messy
  • Clown as Mr. Funny
  • Ring Ring as Mr. Scatterbrain
  • Ssoso as Mr. Muddle
  • Destiny as Mr. Grumble

Version 2

  • Garu as Mr. Mean
  • Destiny as Mr. Rude
  • Dada as Mr. Busy
  • Chang as Mr. Happy
  • Muji as Mr. Nosy
  • Clown as Mr. Silly
  • Pucca as Little Miss Chatterbox
  • Ching as Little Miss Trouble

Version 3

  • Pucca as Little Miss Helpful
  • Garu as Mr. Uppity
  • Dada as Mr. Tickle
  • Abyo as Mr. Stingy
  • Clown as Mr. Wrong
  • Ring Ring as Mr. Silly
  • Ssoso as Mr. Forgetful

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