Pudge (Cats Don't Dance) is a character from Cats Don't Dance.

As Abu in Dannyladdin

In the first film, Pudge is seen accompanying Danny during his daily adventures as they try to steal food to live. When Pudge and Danny finally are about to eat, they see two children looking for food among garbage, and Pudge is forced to share his stolen food with them when Danny voluntarily does so. After Danny gets arrested by Commander Vachir on Shere Khan's orders, Pudge enters the dungeon but is unable to free his friend. It is a disguised Shere Khan who frees them in a plan to use Aladdin to get access to the Cave of Wonders and retrieve the Baloo's lamp. Inside the cave, Pudge disobeys the command of the guardian of the cave and tries to steal a ruby, which causes a cave-in and almost costs his and Danny's lives. When they are about to exit the cave, Danny gives Shere Khan the lamp and, in turn, Shere Khan is about to kill Danny but Pudge attacks him back and takes the lamp back. After meeting the Baloo, Danny wishes to become a prince and Pudge is transformed into an elephant as part of the disguise. Pudge is transformed back to his original form by Shere Khan during the climax of the film, when he is about to attack the sorcerer. Pudge and Danny are later sent by Shere Khan to a far-off place but return to Agrabah using the Marahute Once in Agrabah, Pudge is transformed into a toy monkey by Shere Khan when he tries to take the lamp back. Pudge returns once again to his original form at the end of the film when Shere Khan is defeated.

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