Please note that this work is based on fictional events.

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is merely coincidental.

The timeline being used in this story is the same Timeline as the anime.

Disclaimer: The Puella Magi ★ Madoka Magica franchise is property of Studio SHAFT and of its creators. No disrespect is intended by the posting of this fanfiction, as we do not own nor claim ownership of the characters or settings involved. This fanfiction belongs in the public domain under the Creative Commons license.

Before we begin, please remember that there is one girl being manipulated here. Her decisions were made by a collective of thoughts via majority vote. To be specific, this collective is you, the people in front of this computer screen. Your actions have led her to this fate.

This is her story.

Anon presents:

Puella Magi ★ Magia Revolution

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Episode 1 - Joy

It's daybreak. The sun begins to shine through the window as birds begain chirping happily outside, dancing amongst the branches of the trees. You start to wake as the sun hits you face. The bleary-eyed expression on your face twists painfully in your half-sleep as you slowly opens your eyes. A high-pitched mewl escapes your throat as the sun mercilessly burns your retinas. Wait, high pitched? Should I be concerned about that?

... Nah.

You turn to the side in a huff, pulling the pink covers over your head, and promptly attempt to sleep again. Your adherence to your morning routine, however, forces the sleep from you. You slowly become more and more alert despite your wish for another thirty minutes of rest. Without any other means to make you tired again, you sit up and begin to stretch as you allow the pink sheets to pool into your lap. You let out a great yawn as you work out the kinks in your... wait. That was a girly yawn, wasn't it? Because Madoka was a girl, isn't she?

'Madoka', slowly moves her hands to her chest and pokes her small, puffy breasts. Yep, they were real, yet small.

Oh dear.

"Wh...what..WHAT!" you scream in a high-pitched voice.

In a flash, you jump out of the bed and run to the nearest mirror, your hand touching the window. The reflection reveals a fairly small teenaged girl. She has light pink hair, pink eyes, and a look of complete shock all over her face.

"'Or would panties-shitting shock be more appropriate?'" you ask yourself in a divorced from reality, shock-laden moment.

"Wait. Wait... Waitwaitwaitwaitwait! Wha... WHAT IS THIS?" you scream to no one in particular as you grip the sides of the mirror.

Reflected in the glass is none other than Madoka Kaname.

Truth was, you weren't Madoka, Madoka was an anime character.

"Wh...I'm.. Madoka.. wh-what the hell..."

The thought goes uncompleted as you stare into your reflection, dumbfounded. Before you fell asleep, you definitely weren't Madoka, but here you are now. Think back! What happened? Your thoughts become fuzzy. There's no way this is happening. This has to be a dream, right? Absently your right hand slowly moves up towards your chest and your index finger pokes your right breast. You feel a tingling sensation that races up and down your spine at the touch.

Oh yeah, you definitely felt that. This isn't one of your raunchier dreams. This is, for better or worse, real life.

"What... what the hell do I do?" you ask yourself quietly.

Your current train of thought is broken by your would-be mother, Junko, yelling at you from the foot of the stairs. "Madoka, are your ready for school?"

"What the hell do I do?" you ask yourself again in a more panicked tone.

The thoughts dance around in your head as you plot your next course of action. You figure out to, well, just act normal... maybe this is a dream after all.

After several calming breaths, you get ready for school, dressing up; you don't put on a bra because you realize halfway you don't have the slightest idea on how to do it. You manage to put on everything else just fine. Junko was putting on her makeup in the bathroom as you go in. She began to talk about work. You just nod politely as she drones on, you don't really care, just wanting to get over this as fast as possible.

You try to mimic what Madoka did in the same scene as the anime, holding up the ribbons. Your mother suggests the red ones, you act your part and ask Junko to do it for you, figuring out that they're not tied like shoelaces.

You stand in the mirror, resisting the urge to play with your tits and pussy long enough for her to say "Let's go eat." You look toward Junko with a smile on your face and walk out of the bathroom.

At breakfast you don't say much. You also resist the urge to shove the toddler who's supposed to be your brother into the microwave. Your faggot father is being a faggot as usual but Junko is a bro. After breakfast, you don't grab toast and run out like some absent-minded dope. Instead, you decide that eating is for the weak and walk out of the house with your mouth toast-less.

"Alright." you say to yourself quietly, "Let's see here... Hitomi is a slut. That should still be the same. Sayaka will turn into a witch if she's left on her own. Maybe I can save her if I do something unexpected..." Your eyebrows narrow as you remember exactly how stubborn this woman can be. "Or I can just let her die like the moron she is." Your expression changes back to a happier, more carefree one. " Decisions, decisions~.” You talk to yourself walking down the pathway toward the school. In a short time, you meet up with your friends Hitomi and Sayaka.

"Oh... damn...", choices run through your head about what to do at that moment.

What to do?

The moment you ask yourself this, a chorus of faint, buzzing voices makes itself known in your head.

Sun Aug 28 00:40:02 2011 No.53946410

Time to see if masturbating feels better to girls than guys!
Confess to Sayaka
Rape the maids!

Just stay quiet and keep your mouth shut.
Call Kyubey, obtain time-travel.
Lesbian sex with Homura-senpai
Confess to Sayaka!

A flood of lewd images involving your friends invades your mind. The thoughts race around in your head for a moment and then the instinct of raping everything in sight makes itself known. You have a female body now.. why don't you use it, you think. You were resisting the urge to shove your fingers into your twat ever since you got up this morning, and rub your clitoris furiously unt...

"Alright, alright, calm down...", you sigh as Sayaka and Hitomi walk over.

"Madoka! Hey!", Sayaka waves her arms and approaches you with a bright smile that would most likely be broken in the future. Hitomi waves, smiling toward you. You smile back and walk to the two as you make your way to school together.

~Rape them.. You know you want to...~

Your inner voice just keeps shouting at you and by some miracle you eventually make it to school without molesting anyone. It was quite possibly the longest walk to school in your life. Once you get to class, you take your seat.

Sayaka gives you with a genuine look of concern. "Madoka, are you alright?"

"Umm... yeah, just fine, Sayaka." You say with a barely strained smile.

Sayaka raises an eyebrow, thinking that Madoka always used honorifics. She just shrugged the thought and sat down in her seat.

~Rape rape rape rape...~


You shout loud enough to crack the glass walls that enclose the classroom as you suddenly stand in your seat. Everyone turns to face you like you had just shat yourself in class.


You sit back down.

"Now, class, we have a new student to introduce!", Satomi holds out her hands as if she was presenting a new car on a game show, however it was just Homura walking through the entrance to the class.


"...I'll wait...", you think to yourself. How come most of those voices had timestamps?

Start shclicking in class and hope nobody notices.
Do nothing.
It's her fucking life after all.
Do nothing.
Wait for Homura to make her move.
Do nothing.
We need more information before we start making a move.                         
Confess your love to Homura in front of the entire class!

The urges just keep coming. You desperately try to focus on something that is not the fire burning in your loins. While you're taking a calming breath, the teacher introduces Homura to the class.

"This is Akemi Homura.", Satomi says as she smiles and turns to the board. She tries to write her name, but fails miserably halfway. Homura, like a boss, walks over and finishes writing her name for her new sensei. Afterward, Homura goes to her seat, however, she seemed infatuated with you. You already knew why, but the real Madoka didn't, so you went on that information and revealed nothing.

Time passes, along with the school day. At gym you ran through the hurdles and simply wanted to get the day over with. Homura, of course, decimates everything: the pole vault, hurdles, 100-meter dash… everything. While the others comment on how amazing Homura is, you shrug it off as if it was a common fact.

Once school ends, Sayaka, Hitomi, and yourself go to your favorite cafe. You all order the usual and sit down and talk.

"Are you alright Madoka?" Sayaka asks while looking at you after drinking from her glass with a straw.

"Uh.. yeah.. I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" you smile elegantly (or so you hope) before taking a sip of your own drink.

"You seem a bit off today...", Sayaka retorted, sounding concerned.

"I'm fine, really." You smile again.

Pretend to be the little girl!

"If you say so..."

Hitomi looked at her watch with a look of surprise. "Oh, look at the time! I'll be late...", Hitomi stands up from her seat, grabbing her bag.

"What is it this time?", Sayaka looked toward the green haired girl.

"Teatime!", Hitomi responded as she walked toward the exit, waving to you both as she left.

Sayaka then turned to you, leaning in. "Hey, do you want to go to the music store with me on the way home?"

Refuse and go home masturbate already!

You look toward Sayaka. You know what’s going to happen. What should you do?

Act like Madoka and go with her then pull her into the bathroom and confess your undying love.
Congrats: you're a creep now.
Still worth a try. Let's do it.
Find Homura and confess. 
Find Homura and tell her we should begin planning for Walpurgisnacht.                         

After the flood of voices subside, you decide that the best option was to go with the flow. You accept Sayaka's offer to go with. You two walk through out the mall and you take in the amazing sights of the Mitakihara Mall. 'Why the fuck is everything in this city made of glass?' You also think quietly to yourself. You almost consider saying it out loud, but, you decide to avoid asking stupid questions.

Upon arriving at the music store, Sayaka immediately begins browsing the wares, going to the Classical section for music for Kyosuke. You begin to look around as well.

You come upon a preview station with a selection of music. You don't have anything to do so you just go ahead and slide on the headphones, listening to a familiar j-pop song.

Your train of thought is derailed by a familiar voice that stirs rage into every ounce of your soul.

"Help me!... Help me, Madoka!"

You grit your teeth at the voice polluting your pure, teenage girl mind.

We need to wait for the perfect opportunity.
Follow the voice and try and find Kyubey, pretend to be the little girl.
Oh he's going down.
Just go home masturbate, the little fuck will still stalk you anyway.
Also, tell Sayaka that the bitch-boy is a faggot and can't take a hint for his life.
After the contract we go kill this guy.

Again the cloud of voices descends into your thoughts, causing them to whizz around in your head for a split second. After the flurry of suggestions, you again decide to go with a flow. No point in causing unpredictability. After all, your main advantage is the knowledge of what’s to come after all.

You take off the headphones and decide to go look for the little white fucker. You walk out of the store and make your way down the large, expansive area that is the mall still under construction. Sayaka looks at you strangely as you leave, and then proceeds to follow you.

You continue on your way, opening up various doors and going through many hallways. Whoever the goddamn architect was for this mall, you want to kick them in the damn balls at this point because it was built like a labyrinth.

Eventually you find a familiar hallway with an "Under Construction" sign to your right. You look at the floor and finally find a well known checkered pattern. You sigh with relief and begin walking again, swinging your arms left and right as you always had. You walk is very different from Madoka's. Madoka would have walked through this hall with her hands clenched and clinging to her body in a sense of paranoia.

You just walked like a boss through the darkness. The familiar noise of magic shots echoes in the air. Suddenly, a large chain falls from the sky, uncoiling before you as the brutally battered Kyubey comes crashing down, sliding pathetically on the floor towards you.

You sigh, kneel down and bring the Incubator up into your arms. Immediately afterwards, Homura falls down from the sky, landing before you.

"Give him to me." she coldly says, her laserlike gaze piercing his sorry ass.

"Uh..huh..." You hold Kyubey in your arms, then look Homura in the eye.

You regain your composure and sigh. With your pink eyes, you look toward Homura. You aren't scared of her because you know that she wouldn't lay a finger on you, but the white thing you hold in your arms is another story.

"" Kyubey says as he looks into your eyes with that cute expression of his.

You ponder for a moment regarding what you are about to do. Now that you look at it, Coobie is kinda cute. I mean, you’re going to put this harmless little animal’s life in danger...


You got better. You stand back up and walk towards Homura. You hold out both of your hands to the black-haired girl, offering the white… thing… to her.

“Here you go Homura.” you say with a smile. You nod at her, adding “He’s all yours.”

Homura widens her eyes slightly in surprise. She didn’t expect this kind of reaction from the pink-haired girl. “Thank you, Madoka.” she says softly. Homura extends her hand forward and grips Kyubey's neck like she's about to skin him alive. She then takes a Desert Eagle from her shield and blows the furry motherfucker’s brains out.

A few moments pass before another Kyuubey runs out from the shadows and into plain sight. Homura gives the Incubator a look filled with genuine disgust. She takes aim at the white monster and pulls the trigger. Coobie dodges the shot, the bullet missing the quick bastard.

The ringing of multiple gunshots immediately reaches Sayaka. She begins to run towards the noise, but not before grabbing whatever she can find nearby: a fire extinguisher. She sprays the contents at Homura forming a smoke screen and runs toward you. She takes your hand in hers as she pulls you away from the black-haired girl.

"Whaaa!" Kyubey yelped as he ran as fast as he could towards the two of you and leaps up onto your shoulder.

"What was the reasoning behind that Madoka?", Kyuubey asks with genuine curiosity. What was your motivation behind that?

You don't answer, you just continue running and running until the scenery around you begins to change. Strange chanting radiates through the air. Deep, black scissor-like vines surround you in a circle as they snip and snap at the air. Familiars, known as Anthonies, dance around you, continuing their playful chanting while sorrounded by thorny vines.

"This... is a dream right? This isn't real, is it Madoka? Madoka!?"

You're genuinely unsurprised. You know this was going to happen and you also know what else is going to happen in the next 30 seconds.

A chain falls from the sky, encircling the surrounding area before bursting up in a bright light of red and yellow. All of the familiars surrounding you cease to move and back off for the time being... only for a second, as they regrouped and you're now their targets.

"What was that?", Sayaka looks around, her face befuddled, until Mami Tomoe walks forward. She holds her yellow Soul Gem in hand, smiling.

"Are you two alright?", she has a graceful demeanor about her.

And don't forget what else she has!

"Yeah, I'm fine.", you look at Sayaka. "You okay?"

Sayaka was truly amazed at this.. new Madoka. Nothing phased her. "Y-yeah, I'm fine."

Mami then looked around the battlefield, as the familiars took the initiative, walking forward. "I think it'd be nice to talk, but I've got something to take care of.~" she said as she held her hands out in front of her, her Soul Gem in hand. Her body began to glow with a bright yellow. In an instant, her signature magical girl outfit formed. The brown corset, the feather-tipped hat, the distractingly tight top, the skirt and the heels. Everything.

The blonde leaped into the air, smiling as she raised her arm in front of her. Suddenly, as if they had been there the entire time, roughly a hundred muskets were behind Mami, all of which primed. With a gesture, they delivered their onslaught of yellow magical bullets to the familiars below, chewing through them on the ground. The few that were missed in the were taken care of by the detonation of the magical rounds as they came in contact with the ground. What was once over two dozen familiars was now reduced to a pile of smoldering rock and ash. They were annihilated.

Mami descended from the ground, eyeing both you and Sayaka, until Homura came at the scene.

Homura exchanged looks with Mami, her eyes full of resentment. You knew where this was going and getting caught in the middle of it wasn't a good idea. Oh no, here we go again...

Tell them to calm down, and confess my love for Homura.
Maybe get some of Mami's mammies in there.
Tell them I'm from the future.

Say that everyone should just cool it and understand each others situation.
No misunderstandings please.
And explain how Kyubey is a complete and utter bastard.
Lie and say we thought Homura was gonna take care of him. Play  idiotic. We need to save the intelligence for later, to pull it out when  the little bastard least expects it.
No we don't! We need to nip this shit in the bud as soon as fucking possible.

You took in a deep breath. "BOTH OF YOU, COOL IT!", you yell pretty damn loud. Homura and Mami break their hostile glares and turn to you.

"Madoka...?" Homura, too, was surprised at this new personality.

"Before you two start fighting... a-and act like enemies... shouldn't... shouldn't you actually try and be friends? I mean... what have you got to lose?" Of course, you know that Homura has good reasons behind not being friends with Mami but, if you could change something, you should.

Mami looked toward Homura and Homura toward Mami.

"I'm sorry, Madoka, I can't.", Homura turned away.

Mami watched Homura, as did Sayaka. "Do I know you...?"

Homura grit her teeth. Of course she knew her, she's died dozens, maybe even hundreds of times through out her time traveling. She thought it best to distance herself from Mami. Homura then leaped off and left... You kind of knew this was going to happen.. but it was worth a shot.

"So, your name is Madoka...?", Mami turned toward you, smiling.

"Madoka Kaname, nice to meet you.", you extend a hand to shake Mami's own...

She looks at you with her head tilted for a moment before taking your hand and shaking.

Sayaka was left out of the loop before looking toward Kyubey, who was still on your shoulder.

"What.. is that thing?", Sayaka pointed to Kyubey.

The Incubator responded by leaping off of your shoulder and looking up toward you two. "My name is Kyubey! I want you to contract with me and become Mahou Shoujo!", he smiled... as he always had.

"Mahou... Shoujo?", Sayaka was sort of confused, but you knew everything. The entire ordeal of magical girls and witches, how Sayaka would fall into despair, how Mami would die and how Kyouko would sacrifice herself to destroy Sayaka. Maybe... you could change things. Maybe... you could change this world's future, but... would you want to return to your own world?

[Episode 1 End]

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