The Railway Series Continues: Puff Puff Pastry

Puff Puff Pastry is the eleventh book of The Railway Series Continues.

Previous Book: The Christmas Wonderland

Next Book: Jack and His New Friends


Dear Friends,

I have announced i will make this book be a smash hit with you guys of your favorite episode of all time in the sixth season of the television series, and that is...Percy's Chocolate Crunch and this one is titled Puff Puff Pastry for the book, and today we are going to see Percy take a chocolate special to the chocolate factory, We are seeing Donald and Douglas have a fallout from an accident with a cart of hay, and watch Diesel come back to Sodor to show how better he was than Henry and we are going to see what happens when Cranky is always a cranky crane.

Thanks for listening to this message.

Yours Truly, The Author.


Puff Puff Pastry

Percy is complaining when he is restricted to one washdown a day, but he gets even dirtier than ever when he takes the load of chocolate to the chocolate powder.

Twins Falling Apart

Donald and Douglas were taking a load one day and Trevor was stuck because the cart load of hay's wheels had broken off by accident and when Donald saw that cart, he and Douglas applied their brakes, but they crashed and after they had an accident, the Scottish twins decided to have a fallout.

Diesel Returns

When Henry has an accident, Diesel returns and becomes to be the only engine available to do Henry's jobs. Diesel soon sets out to prove he is the world's strongest engine. But the engines learnt that trucks can do you a favor it send Diesel packing.

No More Sleep for You, Cranky!

Cranky hated Salty and his stories. Then he accidentally traps Salty, Bill and Ben at the docks and after a night of Salty's stories. He promises never to be mean to Salty ever again.


  • Never, Never Give Up! - Mike O Donnell and Junior Campbell.


  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Harold
  • Harvey
  • Salty
  • Bill and Ben
  • Cranky
  • Diesel
  • Donald and Douglas
  • The Fat Controller
  • Duck
  • Trevor
  • Annie and Clarabel (do not speak)
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • Isabel (cameo)
  • Toad (cameo)
  • Toby (cameo)
  • Edward (cameo)
  • 'Arry and Bert (cameo)
  • Jem Cole (cameo)
  • The Storyteller (cameo)
  • Stephen and Bridget Hatt (cameo)
  • The Thin Controller (cameo)
  • The Tailor (cameo)
  • The Refreshment Lady (cameo)
  • Nancy (cameo)
  • The Fisherman (cameo)
  • Farmer Trotter (cameo)
  • The sailor (not seen; not named)


  • This book features the most characters.
  • This book is adapted with No Sleep from Cranky, The World's Strongest Engine, Percy's Chocolate Crunch and Twin Trouble from the sixth season of the television series.
  • This book features one story based on both episode by David Mitton and Paul Larson and Showing Off by Andrew Brenner!


  • The guard is missing on Percy's train at one point.
  • In real life, Percy would get dirty all day if he never gets clean.

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