This is a PBS Kids Joke Film for April Fool's Day 2015 tieing in with the Pull My Finger Kid by Gemmy, starring Annie Mumulo as Bill.


(Title card is shown.)

(Another card saying "Annie Mumulo as Bill/A PBS Kids Joke Film" appears.)

Bill: Hi George! I just ate 8 burritos, so what are you waiting for? pull my finger!

(fart sound)

Bill: Now THAT is entertainment!

(Greg Proops says "Then..." as a card with the word "Then..." appears.)

Bill: Hi George! I feel a big one coming on! Pull my finger!

(fart sound)

Bill: Call 911, we have a gas leak!

(A "The End" card is shown, followed by the PBS Kids Joke Films logo.)


  • The sounds heard in the clip are just a few of the sounds Gemmy's Pull-My-Finger Kid makes.

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